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How to Take Care of White Kitchen Cabinets?




Investing in a kitchen cabinet is a great decision. New kitchen cabinets always look good. But unless they are properly maintained, they won’t look good. Therefore, you should know how to take the right care of your kitchen cabinets so they remain in a good condition for years.

Tips to maintain white kitchen cabinets

Not every cabinet needs the same level of maintenance. Some need vigorous maintenance while others are fine with a little care. White kitchen cabinets need extra care. Here are the tips that you may follow to maintain your white cabinetry.

  • Dust daily – This is the key thing as it comes to maintain the sheen of antique white kitchen cabinets. White color gets dirty and dusty fast. You shouldn’t allow dust particles to settle on them. So, dust daily using a lint-free soft cotton cloth. This will keep the cabinets look at their best and well-maintained across the year.
  • Wipe clean gently yet softly–Don’t use any harsh chemicals on the cabinets. Just take a soft cloth and moist it with water. However, if it needs a more thorough cleaning, you may use a solution of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Once cleaned with the solution, wipe off the surface with a damp clean cloth. Finally, dry it with another cotton cloth.
  • Don’t use abrasive solvents – There is certainly some kind of finish layered over the kitchen cabinets. If you use any abrasive solvent on the product, the finish might get damaged. It would be better to use natural products. They usually don’t leave any sticky residue or scratch on the cabinets. Avoid using ammonia as well. Rather you take some mild dish soap.
  • Avoid spills and splatters – Well your kid can spill ketchup on the cabinetry or a cup of tea might have dropped onto the cabinets. This is quite common. But don’t let them sit. These spills and splatters can cause permanent damage to the cabinet. It can discolor or damage the piece of furniture over time. Why should you take the risk? Make immediate time for cleaning the cabinetry right after such an accident. This applies to Walnut Cabinets as well.
  • Cleaning glass is an art – For cabinets featured with glass door fronts, don’t use any cleaning product containing ammonia but you can use disinfectant spray to avoid Germs. Rather spray the usual cleaning product on a paper towel or a soft cloth. And then clean the glass door. Don’t spray any cleaning agent directly on the glass. It may leak behind the same while causing damages to the cabinet door.
  • High temperature and humidity should be avoided – This is a bit difficult to follow. This is even more difficult if you want to cook a lot while ending up with lots of steam. Nevertheless, to keep the cabinets in a good condition, avoid exposure to high humidity and temperature as much as possible. Wipe any spill promptly.
  • Occasional polishing is good–With the right maintenance, the cabinets can look great for years. Apart from regular maintenance, you should also give them an occasional polish. If you’re looking for a buffed shine, use furniture polish right after cleaning them.

As it comes to maintaining the beauty of white kitchen cabinets, these are the most important tips to follow.

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White kitchen cabinet need extra care. Here are the tips that you may follow to maintain your white cabinetry. antique white kitchen cabinets
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