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Trending Blue Light Glasses for Computer to Block the Screen Rays




The millennial are becoming more prone to weak eye sight-related issues by staring at screens all day long. We are surrounded by screens, including Smartphone, computers, tablets, and television. I personally experience headaches that turn into migraines very often. Considering the nature of my job in digital marketing, I have to bear with it. So, naturally, when I heard about blue light glasses for computer screen, I wanted to give it a go.

Blue Light Glasses Experience

These glasses are designed to block the blue light out coming out from screens, thus preventing your eyes from glare and retinal damage linked to long-term exposure to the blue light. There are many benefits listed over the internet about this product, so I was inclined to give it a try myself and let you all know about my experience. Actually I wasn’t sold these glasses caught me by surprise. This is a review of the trending blue light glasses benefits based on my experience of the product.

Blue light glasses target almost all of us as I find it hard to believe that there could be anybody in this day and age who is not using a screen at any point in the twenty-four hours. The lens used in these glasses is designed to block the blue light. For readers who don’t know about blue light and its effects, it is the light that we most commonly intercept from our visual sense. It reflects from the sun and all the digital screens. The light is associated with sight fatigue, headaches, and migraine at long or continuous exposure. The product was created to counter this problem. The pair I bought is Dolce & Gabbana’s reading glasses with the added feature of blue-light blocking. I was quite excited yet skeptical of the deal.

I came home, anticipating some minor difference, and opened the box to unpack the shiny new pair. As I began my blue light glasses test, my expectation was a bit of the same vision with some more comfort on the eyes than the usual pair of glasses. Contrary to that, I was greeted with a yellowish look at all my screens. This threw me off at first, but I later realized the yellow view is the actual beauty of these glasses.

The colour only bothers at first due to how stimulated we have become with the blue light. As you wear it for daily use, the benefits are highly noticeable. My eyes were not strained as I was giving a second read to “The Handmaid’s Tale” on my Ipad.  I was much more comfortable surfing through my Smartphone, and I was putting my usual hours at work with more efficiency.

Despite my high screen consumption, my eyesight is good. I have been prescribed a .75 pair by my optometrist. To all my fellow readers, this is not humble bragging. I am just stating the truth to give you a clear idea of my experience. I also tried a pair from Glasses USA. They claim that their BLUEASE glasses block about 95% of the blue light. They use a specific polymer called MR-8 to make the lenses stronger. In addition to it, they prevent glare as well.

How to test blue light glasses?

It is easy to tell whether your blue light glasses work or not. Just put them on and look at a screen. If the screen appears yellow instead of bluish, your glasses are working. To give a clear idea to you, it is quite similar to the night-mode screen display options available in the latest Smartphone’s. If you have used one such phone, you will get a similar experience from these glasses.

When to wear blue light glasses?

I found the glasses to be the most useful when working on a screen and during the night. It is especially helpful at night as most light during the might emits from non-natural sources. You will also prevent your eyes from glare when there are very bright lights around you.

Are blue light glasses worth it?

Absolutely! You can keep your eyes healthy in the long-run as you may not realise it right now, but long-term exposure does hurt your eyes. Using these glasses will not only help with those headaches but will protect your eyesight as you grow old in the digital age. Purchasing blue light glasses men or for kids is also a good idea to prevent early age sight-related issues.

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