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How to Use a Rice Cooker – Rice Cooker Buying Guide




Just moved into your new apartment away from your family? No more ready-to-eat meals from your mom? Don’t worry; we are not going to make you feel homesick; we are just going to help you make your cooking times more efficient. A Rice Cooker is a very good cooking kitchen appliance if you don’t have an elaborate background in cooking meals. Starting fresh, a Rice Cooker will make the process much easier so that you can focus on getting ready for your work instead of spending an hour figuring out the best way to cook the perfect rice. You can find one with ease at your local mall. Once you have bought it, you might wonder how to use a Rice Cooker correctly?

We have a simple walkthrough for you on how to use a Rice Cooker. Add rice and water, any amount you want. Put the lid making sure it fits perfectly and press the ON button, the rice will be cooked perfectly after many minutes, and the Rice Cooker will shut down automatically, mysterious, to be honest. The Rice Cooker is switched to WARM, and you can serve them now. For those the curious minds, let’s break down the mystery. The Rice Cooker was first introduced in Japan, and they have the ability to detect liquid absorption of grains because of the thermostat. The pot is programmed to restrict liquid temperature to 100 degrees Celsius; when the liquid is all evaporated, the Rice Cooker triggers the thermostat and switches to WARM.

In addition to how to use a Rice Cooker, it is also equally important that you know how much it costs. A Rice Cooker can range from $15 to $140 depending on the quality and build. The most commonly used brands for Rice Cookers in the US are Zojirushi and Aroma.

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