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Instagram Updates of 2020 and More of Future




As we all know that Facebook has acquired Instagram since 2012. And is working to modify and update several new features and tools in the application. Whereas, the co-founder of Instagram has resigned from its position, as Facebook was dominating its control over the platform. Besides, several Instagram Updates 2020 has announced and introduced as well. You have been quite familiar with the latest features and tools that are launched. And accessible for most of the users. Over 200 million users visit exploring tabs daily. However, the prediction about the new features and updates in 2021. Consequently, increase the users and business levels of Instagram.

The article below you will get to read about the latest Instagram Updates 2020. In addition, also get aware of new Instagram updates in 2021. So, that is you are a creator you can plan new marketing strategies in advance. Or you can just make use of new tools to stand out with the most updated features.

Instagram Updates from 2020;

Instagram Stories have changed tools and features:

Let me tell you an amazing fact that over 500 million users visit Instagram stories daily. It is quite a large figure to blow anyone’s mind. With the help of Instagram stories, the users can keep their friends and relatives on tabs. Users also customize their favorites restaurants or online shopping stores on tabs. Thus, we are not saying that Instagram stories are very important for all. But there is a great preference by most of the users. You can also keep an eye on the new products of the brand.

You can also view your old stories now, with the help of date and time tools. Now, it is possible to view all the stories in the form of a grid as well.

The latest application launched by businesses on Instagram and Facebook:

You can now manage your business page in a better and efficient way with the latest app launched by Facebook i.e. Facebook Business Suite. This business managing app helps you manage your two accounts on a different platform from one place. This in turn saves your time and efforts too.

The chief operating officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg describes that these applications and the latest features are basically meant for small businesses and creators. As a result, they will be able to grow their business on all social media platforms.

Spontaneous generation of captions for IGTV:

IGTV a tool for the videos on Instagram. There is a new setting in your profile that will add captions for your videos automatically. The working behind the system is the AI speech recognition, that is at first available in 16 languages only.

As AI is based on the learning process the more it is used the more it learns. So, the captions cannot be 100% accurate. The VP of Instagram claims to its international audience that it is just beginning and will be spread across large areas soon.

Availability of Checkouts and live shops in the US:

In the next few weeks, this feature would be available in the world for small business. Today, then business accounts or creators based in the US can access the Instagram Checkouts and Live shopping features. There are some new tools as well such change the shop front from the available templates. And also have a preview of its reel-look.

As mentioned before Instagram features are aiming to provide potential to small businesses and creators. So, that they can grow their marketing sales. And earn more money than in the past.

Instagram Stories Updates: New Fonts.

There are many new fonts styles included in the editing area of stories. They all are totally added up to nine. Comprising comic Sans-like and prompted reminders. Thus, have a look at those new fonts in the link below.

Instagram and Messenger merge:

Instead of the paper airplane icon on the right upper corner. It is replaced with the Messenger Lighting bolt and speech bubble. There more new features add to this session such as swipe to reply message and held chat room for 50 messenger accounts. About the launching of this new feature, many users received notifications on August 14.

Big News for US election with Instagram: 

Instagram and Facebook have introduced a voting information center. In this center, you can register to vote, vote by mail information, facts about current voting news, and sign up to work in the voting poll.

Predicted Instagram Updates of 2021:

Instagram Stories would become larger:

As mentioned above, stories are growing extremely popular. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg states they also think that stories are going to cross the way of feeds that people are widely sharing on social media apps. The Instagram platform is the most growing social media. So we can be prepared that maybe stories would take overfeeds. Or there might be an increase in the duration of stories.

IGTV may be taken off from Instagram:

IGTV has faced a disappointing download average of videos. Nearly 72% of brands did not pay heed to IGTV content in 2019. So, it can be said that one out of four can only be there on IGTV. Thus, it has become a point of thinking twice. Either to develop new plans for it or take it off. However, this decision is still pending.

Instagram launches “Reels” same as TikTok:

Tiktok is an application owned by the Chinese. This app has taken the rating higher than Instagram as well on the app store. It is continuously getting famous among youngsters. That has built a critical point to think for Instagram.

So, Instagram is never behind it is taking off TikTok by launching the Reels mode. This tool helps you create videos with music for a duration of 15-30 seconds and share them on their stories. The feature has many editing tools as well. It is yet available in the region of Brazil only. Whereas, it is expected to have a feature in the market soon. It gives Instagram a great deal as TikTok is getting a ban in eastern countries such as India and Pakistan.

Instagram Post likes will be hidden Permanently:

Instagram is trying to get the likes hidden from the posts. Whereas, this modification has already worked in Australia and Canada for some months. The reason behind this modification is to reduce the pressure on the users to post their content freely. As this likes matter has been taking the mental effects on the users of social media.

Therefore, these were very few clear Instagram Updates 2020 and 2021. That is a hint from the higher names of the brand. So, if you are a digital marketing planner. Then plan and develop new strategies by keeping them in mind. Thus, it would save time and let move ahead faster. Furthermore, something else can also be expected from Instagram. Because it has to keep on updating to maintain its great position.

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