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Why Should Every Academic Institution Include Blockchain Training and Certification




The increasing use of technology Blockchain training and certification has shown the potential of causing positive transformations in a wide range of processes in several industries and sectors. Blockchain-based applications are functional in every industry where information and data sharing methods are in use anyway. Ultimately this applies in every industry and sector presently. Entrepreneurs and investors are now realizing this futuristic technology’s potential and have started investing in the innovations involving Blockchain-powered solutions. This has raised the demand for Blockchain technology and infrastructure.

Blockchain Training and Certification

Now, the need is felt that Blockchain education should be made the part of the curriculum in educational institutions and students are to be equipped with the knowledge of Blockchain. As the Blockchain seems to be applied in every field and be a part of every area, the observation is that being the foundation of the young minds academic institutions, schools and colleges should necessarily impart comprehensive and career-focused Blockchain training education.

Why is Blockchain in High Demand?

Several discoveries are made every year and technology plays a crucial role in this. Any technological advancement needs to be highly efficient and people-friendly because this way only, it can be successful and adopted by the users. Blockchain is gradually progressing and getting popular among people, and here are the reasons for such popularity and high demand of Blockchain technology:

  • Enhanced Security: A Blockchain platform stores information across a network of computers instead of a single server. Due to this feature of Blockchain, it is impossible to hack the server or transaction of data.
  • Greater Transparency: The data and records stored in a Blockchain are transparent as the alteration in one document in a Blockchain will cause alteration of the entire chain.
  • Greater Traceability:A Blockchain presents and audit trail that traces the origin of the asset or information and keep the record of all the milestones or stops it had taken in the journey.
  • Increased Speed: Being stored on a single digital ledger, quick and immediate clearance and settlement or processing of the data is possible with Blockchain.
  • Reduced Cost:With Blockchain, every user gets permissioned access to a single, immutable version of data stored in the platform. It excludes the involvement of any third party or middleman. Therefore, the actual cost reduces to less than half.

Because of all the above features, Blockchain offers academic institutions that should seriously consider including Blockchain certification courses in their campus learning.

Specific Reasons, why Blockchain should be added to Curriculums

It is still a matter of thought that Blockchain is still not comprehensively recognized and welcomed by our education system despite massive scope for the future. Though few colleges and universities in some countries have taken the initiative in this direction and added Blockchain technology in their curriculums, this does not make it under every student’s reach. Many people are still doubtful, why Blockchain courses should be conducted in schools and colleges, so here are some crucial reasons for the same:

  1. Students get enough time in their schools and colleges to learn the concepts relevant for building their future, and these institutions aid in giving them directions for the future. There, students would be able to learn about the practical application of the Blockchain, and it will assist them in making the base or foundation for a great and robust future in the IT industry.
  2. Blockchain technology has gained so much popularity and is applied so vastly that presently knowing about it has become a necessity. It provides a transparent and more secured way of performing worldwide sharing of data, information and money which has revolutionized several processes and industries.
  3. Another crucial reason is that Blockchain technology is in high demand as companies and enterprises of different sectors use Blockchain to increase their business efficiency and productivity. The need for Blockchain experts, analysts, programmers, and Blockchain developers is enhancing rapidly.
  4. Blockchain has been producing endless job prospects with lucrative pay scales in the IT industry. This is another reason for students and aspirants of IT sectors for being skilled in Blockchain technology. As per reports and statistical data revealed by various platforms and institutions, a Blockchain expert’s average salary is almost twice of a software developer. Innovations and the need for advancement have caused an enormous rise in the demand of Blockchain developers.
  5. Blockchain learning at the school or college level may open many more opportunities for students and IT aspirants, and it also prepares them for the market to become competent. Companies are interested in hiring people with basic Blockchain knowledge. Schools and colleges being the aiding agencies for incorporating futuristic skills may prepare students and future employees with an edge over their competitors in the industry.

Ways Blockchain can contribute to Education

  • Blockchain can Replace Paper: The most considerable advantage of Blockchain in Education is that it can realize the possibility of the documents’ dematerialization. With Blockchain, we can avoid the risk of destroying and losing or falsifying paper documents and records.
  • Blockchain is Cost-effective: With Blockchain, institutes can reliably and responsibly preserve documents and offer personalized access to students and applicants at authorities’ request. Also, by reducing the materialization of documents, the increasingly expensive education system may become little cost-efficient.
  • Financing and Accounting with Blockchain: Financial accounting is an integral part of the administrative processes in schools, universities and institutions. Blockchain technology can build an efficient, transparent and fair mechanism of funding, grants and projects.

Blockchain Influence

Blockchain is influencing all the sectors and fields. Education is also not an exception, but Blockchain technology is yet not done at a comprehensive level. Blockchain certification courses are popular among those who want to make a career in the IT industry. Schools and colleges can teach this futuristic technology in their curriculum and administrative processes. Certificate courses at the school or college level and several Blockchain degree programs and e-learning applications and online courses can also be established and promoted. Blockchain council can play a crucial role in this.


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