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Interesting Facts About Dobby Harry Potter That You Never Know!




Dobby Harry Potter was a male house-elf who was the servant of the Malfoy family. His master, Dark Wizards, was used to treating him cruelly. He made his first appearance in “The Chamber of Secrets.” First, his appearance was a bit annoying, but instantly he became one of the most loving characters of Harry Potter. In the series, he is initially trying to convince Harry Potter not to go to Hogwarts, but soon it becomes obvious that he is a sweetheart and cares for Harry Potter. 

If we study him throughout the book, it is clear that he became a free elf and enjoyed everything that he wanted. It is also clear from the books that it was Harry Potter who helped him to get rid of the Malfoy family.

Furthermore, Dobby was also always there to protect Harry and do everything that he could do for his protection. It was the reason he became a popular character and showed how a free house-elf could do a lot of incredible things. The death of Dobby was the most tragic and emotional part of the story that made everyone sad. Still, many of us are not fully recovered from his death shock.

Biography Of Dobby Harry Potter

biography-of-dobby-harry Potter

Harry Potter: “Do they know you’re here?”

Dobby: “Oh, no, sir, no… Dobby will have to punish himself most grievously for coming to see you, sir. Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this. If they ever knew, sir —”

Harry Potter: “But won’t they notice if you shut your ears in the oven door?”

Dobby: “Dobby doubts it, sir. Dobby is always having to punish himself for something, sir. They let Dobby get on with it, sir. Sometimes they remind me to do extra punishments…”

— Dobby telling Harry Potter about his miserable life with the Malfoys

Dobby was a house-elf of the Malfoy family, serving Mayor Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa (his wife), and Draco (their only son). They treated him with cruelty and unkindness, often asking him to perform extra penalties on himself when he did anything disagreeable to them. In addition, the Malfoys were abused and harsh on Dobby often.

He was threatened numerous times during his serving time with the Malfoys. Dobby also told Harry Potter how Malfoys had accustomed him to death threats. He always does what the Malfoy family tells him, but he also knows their behavior is not good, and he has to get rid of them. 


BornJune 28, (unknown year)
DiedLate March 1998

Shell Cottage, Tinworth, Cornwall, England, Great Britain


Physical Information

Height3 Feet
Eye ColorGreen

Magical Characteristics

BoggartLord Voldemort


  • Malfoy Family’s house-elf
  • Hogwarts kitchen worker (December 1994 – 1998)
  • Malfoy Family
  • Harry Potter
  • Ronald Weasley
  • Hermione Granger
  • Dumbledore’s Army
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • S.P.E.W

Chamber Of Secrets Re-Opening

Dobby knew the whole plan of reopening the Chamber of Secrets during the second year of Harry Potter at Hogwarts. Probably, this was due to the reason that the Malfoys consider Dobby as an unimportant enslaved person. They also think that house-elves cannot break their master’s command. So, they never thought that Dobby would try to interfere in that matter. Dobby spent the whole summer of 1992 keeping an eye on Harry Potter.

Dobby also went to the house of Dursley to warn Harry Potter not to go back to school this year. He also reveals that he had been grabbing his mail. But Harry steadfastly refused to abide by, stating that Hogwarts was like his home.

To stop Harry from going back to Hogwarts, Dobby made a Hover Charm on the pudding of Aunt Petunia. With his magic charm, he dumped the pudding on the head of Mrs. Mason. The Ministry of Magic identified this inappropriate use of magic.

The ministry of improper use of magic sends Harry a warning note and informs the Dursleys that he is not allowed to use any magical charm outside of Hogwarts. So, Dursley locked him in a room. However, his friends Ron, George, and Fred came to free him in their father’s enchanted flying car.

Dobby’s Personality And Traits

Dobby was a loyal and brave house-elf, ready to put himself in risky situations to do everything right. He was also loyal and did anything for his few genuine friends. He thinks he is a good elf, but other house-elves assume that his proclamations and desires to become a free-elf are shameful. So, they consider him a betrayed slave. Despite all of these, Dobby was a hard worker elf. It is clear from his dealing with Dumbledore. When he went to Hogwarts for work, Dumbledore offered him ten Galleons in a week and weekends off. But he refused to accept this offer and asked for one Galleon in a week and a one-off day from school in a month.

He was very loyal to his friend and tried to do anything that he could to protect his friends. He also does not stop the threat and hurts his friends to save them from danger. Dobby also attempted to hurt Harry very seriously so that the school administration would send him back home and be saved from the danger present in the school. 


One most prominent trait was his zeal to self-harm whenever he thought he had done something mistaken, usually using something to smash his head with and going as far as to iron his own hands. Dobby had a strong conscience and punished himself even when he had done “wrong” things that house-elves should not do, even if they were for the right reasons.

The favorite gift that Dobby longed to get was a pair of socks. It might be due to the reason that he got freedom from Malfoys due to socks. He likes to get two mismatched and different pattern socks, and when he offers a gift to anyone, he likes to give socks.

Magical Skills And Abilities

A few of the magical skills and abilities of Dobby were:

  • Apparition: Harry Potter Dobby was able to apparate because he was a residential house-elf. He can also apparate to the places that were generally forbidden Apparition, such as Malfoy Manor and Hogwarts.
  • Levitation: In the whole story, Dobby also displayed the magical ability of levitation. In an attempt to stop Harry Potter from going back to Hogwarts, he levitates a cake. The ministry of magic considered it as the Hover charm and doubted Harry that he did that magic cast outside the school.
  • Magical tampering: Dobby also presented a skill of magically tampering with various objects. This was displayed when he interfered with a bludger pushing it to chase Harry Potter, hoping that if it harms him badly, he’d be sent home. Dobby was not planning to kill Mr. Potter: in fact, he was attempting to protect him from Malfoy’s plan to open up the Chamber of Secrets.

Five Interesting Facts About Dobby

Here we are writing five interesting facts about Dobby from Harry Potter that will make you remember him and his love for socks.

  • Dobby Harry Potter Voice Actor

Harry Potter is a well-known story and is known for its outstanding cast. But one member of the whole story is often neglected. That member is the voice actor of the Dobby character. Do you want to know whose voice is Dobby in Harry Potter? You cannot see that person directly on your screens, but that person’s voice is quite familiar to everyone. It was Toby Jones who played the voice-over artist of Dobby. You can also find the same voice in many other stories, such as the Winter Soldier, Captain America, and The Hunger Games. So, we can say that the voice of Toby Jones plays a significant role in making the character of Dobby loveable and adorable. 


  • Dobby’s Sock Collection

Sock was very dear to Dobby because it was a sock, due to which Dobby got his freedom back. So, during his life as a free elf, he used to collect socks and try to search for interesting pairs of socks. He even knit a set of socks for Harry as a Christmas gift and showed his love.

  • Leaving Socks For Dobby

One of the most loveable characters of Harry Potter was Dobby, who left a lasting impression on the readers and viewers. His statue at the Warner Brothers Studio is incredible, and fans leave a tribute there. They start to bring socks and leave at the statue and think that he would love this. In addition, some fans take off their socks and leave at the statue in remembrance of Dobby.


  • Emma Watson’s Reaction

The Deathly Hallows in Harry Potter are full of emotional moments. It is hard to believe that any fan could make it through the story without shedding tears. One of the moments that hit the hardest was Dobby’s death scene. Emma Watson said in one of her interviews that the death of Dobby was a complete breakdown for her.

  • Dobby’s Friend Winky

In the movie, the wonderful relationship between Dobby and Winky is not clear, but their friendship shows Dobby’s heart. Winky was also a house-elf, and her owner was Barty Crouch. When his owner frees her, she forbids taking it. Dobby helped her to find a job at Hogwarts, but she was confused and did not know what she had to do with herself. She was a heavy drinker of Butterbeer which was not good for a house-elf. It was Dobby who took care of her every time during her drinking routine.


Summing Up

These were the few interesting facts about Dobby Harry Potter that will make you in love with his character. He was the most loving character in the whole story who supported Harry and saved him from every danger.

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