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Introduction to Drift Hunter Game: Everything You Should Know




Drift Hunters is an exciting 3D vehicle drifting game featuring a large number of tuned-up cars and an outstanding range of tracks. Choose your engine, adjust it, then rev it and drift the corners in one of ten different places. Drift Hunters is a free internet game that you may play on your browser.

This not only earns you the much-coveted bragging rights from your friends, but it also speeds up the process of unlocking your dream drift vehicles and tuning improvements. In this article, we will go through the whole Drift Hunter game guide.

How to Start the Game?

When you initially start playing the Drifted Arcade’s free Drift Hunters game, you’ll be given a Toyota AE86.

You not only get a free automobile, but also $25,000 in bank credits to get you started, giving you options. You have the option of unlocking another automobile or improving your AE86. To get started, we suggest stashing your wealth and investing in the AE86.

Update Your Drift Machine:

Assuming you’ve made the wise decision to invest in upgrades, navigate to the “PARTS” section of the main menu to begin installing tuning upgrades.

You may then select the upgrades you want to make. To begin, we propose strengthening the turbo and engine to give the car a stronger ability to keep the wheels spinning and the slide going.

Make a Fine Tune:

Go to “TUNING” from the main menu after you’ve installed your upgrades.

From ride height, camber, and offset to brake and turbo pressure adjustments, you may make a range of changes from here.

Gear Up Before Start Drifting:

You may modify the paint job of your body or rims, as well as choosing a new set of rims, before you start shredding tires on the track or on the street, by going to the “VISUALS” option.

Then go to the “OPTIONS” menu and adjust the graphics to “HIGH,” if your PC can handle it.

You can also alter your transmission here, and while we wouldn’t normally drift an automatic car, we recommend staying with it to get you started.

If you want to utilize the manual gearbox, shift up with the left “Shift” key and down with the left “CTRL” key.

Then press “RACE” to pick between the track, the street, or the touge! Remember, you may always return to see the other destinations later.

How To Drift in Drift Hunter:

You’re now ready to start burning your tires! Don’t be alarmed if things don’t go as planned immediately soon. It takes time and patience to master the art of drifting, but we guarantee you that it is well worth the wait.

It’s better to start with the fundamentals while learning to drift. Because we’ll be playing using the keyboard, if you’re used to playing with a wheel or controller, this may take some getting used to.

To begin, we recommend devoting some time to understanding how the automobile reacts and the movement/weight change.

Start with donuts and figure-of-eights until you’re comfortable tapping the left and right arrows to perform the correct handling abilities.

Step-1: Initiating The Engine:

Initiation is the transition from straight driving to pitching the automobile sideways, and it may be accomplished using either of these approaches.


By using the “Space” key on your keyboard, you may lock up the back wheels, making weight shifting easier when turning.


The e-brake approach is simple, yet it causes the automobile to slow down, making it excellent for entering low-speed turns.

Weight Transfer Drifting:

When you have power over, you aim the car towards the direction of the bend you’re about to enter while applying a large amount of throttle (Up arrow.)

When the rear end begins to emerge, swiftly counter-steer in the other direction while pressing the throttle.

Practice, like everything else in drifting, makes perfect. So take some time to understand these strategies and see which one actually works for you.

E-brake is likely to be the simplest way to get you started, and as your confidence grows, you will be able to perform faster initiations.

It’s very normal to keep spinning out until you get the hang of it, so don’t worry!

Step 2 – Maintaining the drift

Once you’ve worked out how to start the drift and got the car sideways, the next step is to figure out how to keep it running as long as possible.

You’ll want to ‘capture’ the weight shift as quickly as possible now that the back end has stepped out. The simplest way to accomplish this is to build up speed and then begin utilizing your preferred strategy.

To maintain speed when driving sideways, you may either ease off the throttle or touch it on occasion.

Too much throttle will almost certainly send you into the barrier, and don’t forget that if all else fails, you can always slam the brake pedal (down arrow).

Step 3- Switching The Direction

As you change sides mid-drift, continuing to touch the e-brake when necessary can make the procedure a lot easier as you juggle the steering to obtain the appropriate angle.

Don’t be afraid to go all out throughout the changeover.

You want to “catch” the car’s weight as it transitions, which you may achieve by counter-steering with the right throttle.

Learning takes time, but if you’re patient, you’ll soon enjoy the benefits.

Step 4- Releasing the Drift

Allow the weight shift to move the back end of the car to its desired position, then apply full throttle and a few ‘taps’ on the e-brake (space) until the vehicle is back traveling at the proper angle.

Final Thoughts:

Drifting is an art form, and after you’ve mastered it, you’ll understand why we love it so much at Drifted!

It might be tough at first to get the hang of things, but your patience and perseverance will pay off as you start collecting combinations to spend on your favorite drift vehicles and upgrades.

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