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Is it possible to live in a Airstream motorhome in winter?




Winter travel in an Airstream motorhome does not attract all fans of such a holiday. And this is quite justified because in the cold season there are many difficulties in organizing a comfortable stay. Therefore, such a vehicle must be carefully prepared for a long trip in sub-zero temperatures.

Most campers of modern production provide for the possibility of winter operation. Their walls and ceiling are equipped with special thermal insulation, which allows maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the cabin, and there is also a double floor, the features of which are worth considering in more detail. There are also special heaters designed for economical heating.

If the Airstream motorhome is not intended for traveling in winter, you should take care of its insulation, communications, and installation of equipment that will allow you to maintain an appropriate microclimate. This can be done both independently and by contacting specialists.

Preparing for the trip

A camper needs proper winterization just like any other vehicle. First of all, you need to pay attention to the technical condition of the used Airstream motorhome and eliminate even minor malfunctions, if any. The best option would be to visit a service center for a complete diagnosis of functional units and systems.

It is mandatory to fully charge the battery, replace the spark plugs, and also pay attention to the door locks and drop a little oil into them, which will prevent the condensate from freezing.

Parking equipment

  • If you are going on a long journey, you should take with you a set of mandatory items, such as a tow rope, a pump, “lighting” wires, brake fluid, antifreeze, a set of tools, a shovel, a broom, a first aid kit, and the like.
  • It would be useful to stock up on a pack of salt, which can come in handy if the wheels of the trailer freeze to the ground during a long stop. Also, boards that should be placed under the wheels will help to avoid this trouble. In addition, these boards will not allow the wheels to sink into the ground during a possible thaw.
  • The camper should be parked at a slight incline to prevent ice build-up or water accumulation on the roof. This will allow water to drain freely. During long stops, it is recommended to periodically check the water supply and drainage systems, charge the battery and start the engine for a while. Such manipulations will protect you from possible troubles and delays on a further trip.

How to protect your Airstream motorhome from the cold

If you have to leave the vehicle for a long time, it is worth remembering that during this period it will not be heated. Therefore, it is necessary to first drain all the water from the communications. For this, special cranes are provided. To perform this event, you need to turn on the pump, open all the taps, not forget the boiler, and wait until the water has completely drained. If this procedure is not performed, the consequences of freezing communications will be very deplorable, and repairs will be expensive.

Gas consumption

At sub-zero temperatures, gas consumption increases significantly. Therefore, you need to have a sufficient supply with you, designed for a certain period. Given that even with good insulation, the Airstream motorhome will have to be heated almost constantly, the life of one cylinder is significantly reduced and refueling may be required every 5 or 10 days, depending on the capacity.

Do not forget to check the remaining amount of gas from time to time so that its absence does not become an unpleasant surprise. When the cylinder can no longer be used for its intended purpose, condensate must be drained from it.

Advantages of a double floor

  • In the heated space of the double floor of the Airstream motorhome, not only tanks with drinking, technical, and wastewater are placed, but also other communications, which can significantly save living space and not worry about the possibility of liquid freezing in the systems.
  • Double underfloor heating guarantees even distribution of heat over the entire area of ​​the camper. And the air channels located along the walls ensure their heating and will avoid the formation of zones with a low temperature.
  • In the space under the floor, you can place a generator, air conditioning, and a gas cylinder, as well as organize additional luggage compartments of various sizes there.

As you can see, you can live comfortably in a camper in winter. But for this, he must be equipped and prepared accordingly. Modern manufacturers produce Airstream motorhomes already with everything you need, so you can operate them both in summer and winter without restrictions.

Benefits of winter travel

If you do not have your camper, but there is a great desire to go on a trip in winter, it is not a problem to rent it. In addition, the cost of rent will be much lower than in summer, which means that the trip will be cheaper. Companies that specialize in providing such services offer Airstream motorhomes already fully equipped for long trips with everything you need, from spare batteries to kitchen utensils. Therefore, in addition, you will need to purchase only a variety of little things that will be useful on the road.

Another advantage of such trips is the absence of the need for hotel reservations. On the eve of a long weekend during the holidays, this may be a problem due to the large influx of tourists. But if you have a camper, you can stop anywhere and spend time in the most picturesque corners and popular places for your pleasure, without worrying that accommodation will cost too much.


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