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Is Mr. Bean Dead? The Reality About Death Hoax Of Mr. Bean





  • Famous for playing the iconic character of Mr. Bean, British actor Rowan Atkinson recently became the prey of a death hoax.
  • The offensive insight spread around the internet after a fake tweet by a Twitter handle. 
  • This totally distressing news produces craziness on social media. 

When it comes to social media, it is a crazy place. It can make someone’s life, and at the same time, it can destroy someone. Similarly, it can also lead to someone’s death by encouraging the spread of false rumours and fake news. There have been numerous incidents when celebrities have faced false rumours and death hoaxes about them in the past.

The recent death hoax was faced by the famous actor Rowan Atkinson – the Mr. Bean. Yes, it is true. He has become a victim of false death news about him not only one time but several times. 

When did Mr. Bean die?

Rowan Atkinson, a British actor, known as Mr. Bean, is not dead. The fans of Mr. Bean are upset about Rowan Atkinson’s death. The famous Hollywood actor who rules the hearts of many children and, in fact, adults with his role of ‘Mr. Bean’. Everyone is curious and asking on social networks ‘Is Mr. Bean dead?’ The truth is that the news is just a rumor, a death hoax. Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean, is alive and completely healthy.

He is a widely known actor due to his role in the Comedy show Mr. Bean. He is also famous for his film “Johnny English.” There is no such information about Mr. Bean’s death provided by his family, and no credible reports about his death are available. An old trick about Mr. Bean’s demise once again surfaced on social media and surprised fans who rushed to Twitter and other social media platforms as they couldn’t have faith that their favorite Mr. Bean was dead. 


Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean
Birth nameRowan Sebastian Atkinson
Born6 January 1955 (age 67)
Famous as Mr. Bean
MediumStand-up, television, film
Alma materNewcastle University

The Queen’s College, Oxford

Years active1978–Present
SpouseSunetra Sastry

Death Rumors Spread On Twitter

It was not the first time. The 66-year-old British actor has faced these malicious death rumors several times on social media. 

It is not only a hoax, but the false death news and false reports about his death can also put a virus in your gadgets. The tweets that show the death news of Mr. Bean has the following messages:


 “FOX BREAKING NEWS: Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) died at 58 after a car accident.” 

 “English comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean is feared to be dead with reports of the 58-year-old actor getting killed in a car crash on March 18, 2017.”

There is also a factual mistake in the fake tweet of Mr. Bean’s death. The error is that Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean, was not 58 years old in 2017 but 62. Similarly, in the question of when did Mr. Bean die, a piece of fake news from today was posted on Twitter as:


 “Rest in Peace. Rowan Sebastian “MR.BEAN” Atkinson. Born: January 6, 1955 – Died: November 22, 2021.”


Who Spread The Rumor?


From the report of ‘Spot Boy,’ it is clear that the rumor about Mr. Bean’s demise was spread by a Twitter handle. It is an American news channel whose name is Fox News. In addition, the tweet that was made by the fake channel also contained malicious or spam links in it. So, the users who click on the tweet to read more about the death of Mr. Bean fall victim to this spam. Thus, it resulted in viruses in their gadgets. 

When Did The Character Come On TV?

The character of Mr. Bean first came on TV in 1990. In the beginning, the popularity of this character was average, but over time this character became popular worldwide. You can understand the popularity of this character from the fact that a page of Mr. Bean on Facebook comes at the top 10 liked pages around the world. So, it is clear that the character is still popular among people, and fans will never forget Mr. Bean any time soon. 

Rowan’s Interview In January 

“I will no longer be Mr. Bean.”

This year in January, Rowan Atkinson was asked about his role as Mr. Bean. He said that he would not perform the role of Mr. Bean again. In addition, he also said that he would definitely work in various comic plays and animated series as a voice-over artist. These animated series are being made on the character of Mr. Bean, so he will definitely give his voice in these series. 

He also added that it is easy for him to participate in the series as a voice-over actor as he does not need to give his physical appearance. He said that he does not enjoy playing this role anymore. There is a heavy responsibility to bear to play the physical role of Mr. Bean. 

Comic style of Rowan Atkinson

He is best known for using physical comedy in the TV series Mr. Bean’s persona. However, his other characters do not rely on physical comedy, and they are dependent on language. He usually plays authority figures such as vicars and priests. In addition, you can see him using absurd lines in series with a totally deadpan delivery.

He has various comic devices, among which one well known is “B” sound over-articulation. He has a stammer, so his over-articulation technique helps him to overcome difficult consonants. The visually-based style of Mr. Bean sets him apart from most modern film and television comics. The performance of Mr. Bean was primarily dependent on the stand-up comedy and delivery of lighter dialogues. His talent for visual comedy was terrific, due to which he was known as “the man with the rubber face.” 


From all discussion, it is clear that every news on social media is not always trustworthy. Social media is a mixture of all kinds of information as it is a crazy place. So, always make sure to confirm from an authentic source about any news, particularly about the death news of a famous celebrity. 


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