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Is Sergio Pérez Really Leaving Racing Point in 2021?




Sergio Perez has been driving with Formula One for the Racing Point company. He debuted in 2011 alongside other renowned names when Sauber announces the joining in 2010. Almost after 30 years of Hector Rebaque, Sergio Pérez Mendoza is the first Mexican to join the Formula team.

Sergio Perez leave Racing Point in 2021 has been a shocking news. He has achieved much fame throughout his career. Ferrari driver academy scheme was also joined by Perez. He was a member of Ferrari f1 in 2010.

But is it confirm that he has decided to quit Racing Point? Though previously he has declared a three years contract with the team that summed up to be in 2022 but 2020 has been the year of quitting the game. Perez has shown his melancholy comments over leaving the team during the champions league which is a huge turnout.

He has been commenting with a positive attitude telling his fans that there is an ending to everything as so has the time ended with his team.

After spending 7years together parting ways would be difficult. No doubt he has been an overcoming obstacle when he saves his team when there was no hope.

The sudden decision causing a bit of a stir in the racing world is most probably up to the news that spread rapidly when the team showed interest in Vettel and the rumors of sighing him.

Perez didn’t bother to comment much over the news but he did say that if the odds are like that, he has many options outside F1

Does it take us back to the rumor when Sebastian Vettel shared a car ride with the CEO of the Racing Point?

This event is not years before but happened months before. What are the odds then? Pete said his good beys? Vet sharing a ride with the same team which is expecting to lose an asset of 7 years teamwork?

As proposed by Vettel ignoring the fact and casually answering the rumors that there was no such serious thing and besides Otmar Szafnauer has a beautiful car who wouldn’t want o share a ride with him?

There is more to the Story!

After the assumptions of Vettel joining the team, there was another possibility of making a way out for Perez, lance stroll is driving for the team and he is the son of the team owner. Now, who wouldn’t support his son? It pretty much clears the air that why Sergio Perez decides to leave the team in 2021.

While he announced it on the news, the first one to quickly respond was none other then Otmar Szafnauer the Team Principal of the racing team. He praised him to the bits and wished him warm-heartedly giving the flashbacks of his old-time achievements.

History might be Repeating Itself

Players replacing one another at higher worth has been the part of games. If its football or any other sport. Perez once also replaced to make his mark for 7 years. He replaced Hamilton when he decided to leave McLaren.  Perez finished in 11th position in the season-opening race held in Australia.

After that Perez joined force India in 2013. That was the announcement made exact after the month he left McLaren. The deal was made of 15 million euros and Perez finished with 49 points which were his highest finishing of race.

Four-time world champion- Sebastian Vettel might be the next choice

The rumors have already been spread about b=vessel and there could be no better choice than him. he is expected to leave Ferrari which is also an indication starting his career with a new team racing point.

When Mexican Chico announced that 2020 would be his ending year, the rumors speculate that what’s he up to with his career? Is he joining the new team of leaving his career?

He has not announced any plan b so far but we still expect the best.

This might be the end of his career?

With all the happening news, Sergio Perez leave Racing Point in 2021 and replacements, have anyone heard about Sergio Pérez joining a new team or another brand who is hoping him to join them? No! not a single news has broken the internet, not even a rumor has it.

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Is this pointing towards the end of his career? Or is he planning for something big?

Assumptions are he might be transferring his career to another profession. We never know what is up but there is still something fishy going on all we can do is wait for the right time to break the news.

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