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Jamie Oliver New Show on Channel 4 – Keep Cooking and Carry On & More




Jamie Oliver’s new show

Jamie Oliver’s new show on Channel 4, called “Keep Cooking & Carry On,” is the recent television series by Jamie Oliver that became a controversy for the famous chef of the UK. The show was released in March 2020 with the aim to cook simple, delicious yet affordable foods with limited ingredients or substitutes. It was targeted towards the homebound, isolated crowd due to the pandemic.

It was filmed inside Jamie’s house on the family mobile phones with his family taking responsibilities of the filming crew. The show soon came under heavy criticism for the use of ingredients and techniques that are only used by traditional families of cooks. Those who are ambitious about cooking and horde a wide range of cooking ingredients are the ones who can benefit from the show, not the general public stuck at home.

Jamie Oliver New Show 7

Jamie Oliver New Show Recipes

The show started back in March introduced us to a lot of delicious foods. The detailed information on Jamie Oliver’s new show recipes is available on his official website Some of our favorites include Easy Homemade Bread, Jimmy’s Ultimate Roast Beef, Springtime Roast Chicken Caesar Salad, Leftover Lamb Biryani, and Hot Cross Bun Twister Bread. If you want to check out these and other Jamie Oliver’s new show recipes, head on to the website. It has all the essential information along with the time required and level of difficulty you will face while cooking. The website doesn’t only have information on the most recent show but all the shows and dishes Oliver has made to this point. There is also sufficient information on his books.

The Jamie Oliver new show on Channel 4 is still watched by many cooking enthusiasts, whereas others call him a self-promoting smug who is profiting from the lockdown. Jamie Oliver is a talented chef, regardless of the controversy that surrounds him every now and then. Here are some of his best latest projects:

Jamie Oliver New Show Five Ingredients

Among Jamie Oliver new shows are Five ingredients that aired back in 2017. He also published a book with the same name. What sets this show apart from others is the idea of using only five ingredients for cooking meals. The Five ingredients gained a lot of attraction due to the charming convenience of using only five ingredients.

The book, as well as the show was received very well. The good thing about this show was that 70% of the meals are healthy meals so you can cook them any day of the week. It is not the typical junk food to distract you from improving your diet. So, it is a win-win for all those fitness lovers and food adventurers alike.

Jamie Oliver New Show 7 Ways

Unlike Five Ingredients, Jamie Oliver’s New Show 7 Ways is a show as well as a book that focuses on using the same ingredients in 7 new different ways. Oliver claims to re-invent your meals with 7 new ways that will allow you a decent adventure in cooking meals. Some of these meals are quick to make, as well. You can check the recipes on Jamie Oliver’s official website, where there is a separate dedicated section with all the recipes and the details. The best ones as we have tried them are Roast Chicken Margherita, Cheat’s Fish and Chips, Sesame Roast Chicken, and My Easy Peri Peri Chicken.

Jamie Oliver New Show Jamie’s Ultimate Veg

The Jamie Oliver 2020 family update New Show Ultimate Veg is not your typical, highly emphasized vegetarian diet show. Instead, it encourages both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike to use a healthy portion of vegetables in their meals. These dishes don’t prioritize vegetables but present them in a way that is so delicious you would hardly miss the presence of meat. That too, if it wasn’t there in the first place. In this Jamie Oliver New Show, there are amazing recipes like Bean Burger, Charred Salad & Spicy Curry, Veggie Pad Thai & Cauliflower Cheese Pizza Pie, Delicious Chilli & Pasties and Onion Tart, Pumpkin Rice and Button Bean Stew.

Jamie Oliver New Show Application

Don’t follow Jamie Oliver’s new shows on Channel 4? No need to worry about it. There is a dedicated Jamie Oliver new show application on Apple Store that you can download on your iPhone or iPad. This application, like website has all the details on the latest as well as old recipes. You can simply browse through the various sections, check the relevant show you are looking for and look for the recipe of your choice. Just like the website, the app also lists cooking time and difficulty level for every meal. So, hop on to the app now and see if you have all the required ingredients to prepare that one adventurous new meal. The application contains all the recent as well as old shows hosted by Jamie Oliver.

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