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Gravity Jet Suit – Paramedic Mountain Response




Jet Suit Gravity

One of the most impressive inventions of the past two years is that of Jet suit by gravity. With all the modern advancements in travel, the personal human flight was never out of the question. It is now made possible by Gravity Industries. The suit is designed to make you feel like Marvel’s popular superhero Iron Man. No, that is just a fantasy of the present-day pop-culture fans.

The flying suit is has made successful demonstrations that took many people by surprise. Such breakthroughs show us how we keep pushing closer towards flying cars, a long-held dream of humankind. At least, we have achieved the art of lifting our own body. There can be tremendous uses for this technology.

The company has shown us how we can use the jet suit in the most effective ways. Its most recent YouTube video is the epitome of significant advantages to look forward too. The video is titled ‘Paramedic Mountain Response,’ Which demonstrates how paramedics can save lives on rugged terrains by flying towards the rescue site.

Gravity Jet Suit Information

Based on the gravity jet suit information from their website, the device uses two mini-engines on both arms and one at the back. For movement, all you have to do is use your hands. It took the company months to develop the perfect version of the suit. Many parts are 3D printed with a futuristic aesthetic. It has a broad set of opportunities; it can be used in the entertainment industry, rescue industry, and even routine travel if they manage to make it cost-effective.

Gravity Jet Suit Experience

The jet suit is no longer a pipe dream. It is the Gravity jet suit experience that will make you feel the closest to an iron-man suit at this point. It is a fully realized set of engines wrapped around your arms and back that thrust you into the air. Flying the suit with success is very much dependent on having good control at balancing your body against the thrust. Using the right movement will force the propulsion to push you towards your desired direction.

Even though this gadget’s initial use was suggested to be in the entertainment industry and sports, the latest video offers the best use. In the video titled ‘Paramedic Mountain Response,’ the rescue operator is shown to save the life of a young girl who is stuck on a mountain with difficult terrain. The climb through the ground would take approximately twenty-two minutes, but jet suit by gravity takes only ninety seconds to locate the causality. If that is not a revolutionary technology, then what is?

Gravity Industries Jet Suit

In an interview, founder Richard Browning from Gravity Industries jet suit team told that in the beginning, they just went down this road for the pure joy of taking on a challenge that was thought to be impossible. There was no textbook on how to make a man propeller. Hence they built a thousand horsepower jet flying suit. The team has tested every possible design and configuration they could come up with. It was all in an effort to make the jet suit a reality. He further emphasized that the origin of this concept was all over. In his early life, Richard would fly model gliders and aircraft. His father was an aeronautical engineer, and his grandfather was a pilot.

His main inspiration for a human body propeller came from calisthenics. Learning how the human body adapts to control & balance itself when stuck in a lifted position, whether it’s a pole or the floor, he realized it would react the same way to being raised in the air via strong propulsion.

Gravity Jet Suit Flight Time

The maximum Gravity jet suit flight time observed so far is 9 minutes. It is because the model is still in its early stages, making it less efficient for long travels. The main barrier behind this limited time is the rate at which the Gravity jet suit burns fuel. Currently, it goes record-breaking 85 mph with a total of 1050 bhp of fuel in total. The early model burns a gallon of fuel per minute. Yes, you read that right. Making the suit fuel-efficient is the primary concern of the company now.

Gravity Jet Suit Fuel Price

The company started custom designing and selling them. Gravity jet suit costs $440,000, making it out of reach for most of us. Due to the massive potential of its application, a more cost-efficient and Gravity Jet Suit Fuel Price efficient version is not out of possibility. At the current gravity jet suit price, only two people in the world have purchased it.

With hopes of wide-usage, improvements are still on the way for Jet Suit by Gravity. Let’s wait and see how this technology will benefit humankind in innovative ways.

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