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Joe Biden Picks Kamala as Her Running Mate in Elections 2020




Joe Biden, a Vice President and a senator, is now running against Donald Trump for the election 2020. The decision was taken by the democrats to nominate Biden under the virtual convention of the election campaign in 2020. He has spent almost three years working under the eye of the President United States; the democrats couldn’t find a better nominee than a 77-year-old Biden to run for the elections.

When Donald Trump was nominated for the Vise President of America, he chose Vice-President Mike Pence as his running mate. This time he has nominated himself for the second time, but it is unclear whether he will choose the same running mate or the changes could happen in the last minutes.

Whereas Joe Biden has already given a hint of picking a woman for this ticket. Now, who could be a better choice than the senator Kamala Harris? Fighting for people’s rights for so many years and becoming a member of America’s senate, Kamala Harris, given her best shots many times, has pretty much succeeded in gaining the love of her people. It’s not just about running a mate but getting a ticket to be the future VP nominee, if Biden wins the election or doesn’t, this status of VP ticket remains constant in any condition.

Is Kamala a wise choice as a running mate?

Joe Biden chooses Kamala Harris as his running mate.  The first south Asian-American and second African-American women to snatch the title of united states senator of California. The title itself speaks loud for the best choice as running mate for the elections 2020. This pick also concludes about the future president nominee. Yes, you heard it right.

For an apparent reason, this pick is breaking all the bearers for Kamala Harris to run for the nominee of future presidentship. The party has an heir apparent and gets to elect their member, which is now given a VP future ticket. But let us dig in a little more who is Kama Harris and why this choice can make a batter democratic future for the US. She is now endorsing Joe Biden as a great democratic leader for the US. She had been failed in the presidential race last year, and her campaign got drop.

But she is serving her best to support Biden in his every move. She has been supporting him on Twitter, given many interviews with the news channel, making people aware of what positivity he can bring to the US.

Kamala Harris journey so far

Kamala Harris, the United States senator, is the first South Asian American senator women and second African American woman. She has spent her life fighting for the injustice done to the people. She has the fighting spirit from her family blood.

She started her career is the country district attorney’s office. This was the initiative of her unstoppable democratic dream from where she became a district attorney in San Francisco. She helped the drug offenders with their rights and started a program to earn employment and diploma in studies. It was accomplished by Kamala Harris being the first person to start it.  Kamala has served the California homeworkers and won a $25-billion for their crisis.

She has no left behind any department of helping people in need from winning marriage equality to defending climate change law; she has given it all to California.

How will it be beneficial for both the US future VP nominee Joe Biden?

So far, the discussion has given the positive vibes for Harris. Joe Biden could be the next president of America, and with the support of the Kamala, he could see the future. Her cultural background diversity being courageous enough to fight for every right is making it crystal clear she could make it win for Biden, which can be an excellent achievement for her future Of VP career.

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