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Karen Y Ricardo vs Luka and Jenalyn




Who was better in the Karen Y Ricardo vs. Luka and Jenalyn match-up? A question asked by many in the audience as both performed marvelously in leaked footage before the airing of World of Dance. The teams, especially Karen Y Ricardo, had an excellent standing due to their mind blowing talent along with the ranks of The Lab and Fabulous Sisters. Whereas Luka and Jenalyn had come up a steep path of progress with each performance being better than the last one. The dance routines by both participants had a flair of energy, elegance, expression, and style in chaos.

Leak Karen Y Ricardo vs Luka and Jenalyn Dance 2020

Despite all that, both didn’t make it as the winning team because the title was taken by The Lab. No doubt, they deserved it. The World of Dance 2018 is very memorable in the regards that there were exceptionally talented teams across the board. The decision of the final winner was just too hard and we all knew if one had to win, rest had to go down. Putting aside our biases, this article will analyze these two performances in their epic clash one by one. Karen Y Ricardo vs. Luka and Jenalyn is a question people often find hard to debate on, well people like me, to say the least.

Karen Y Ricardo is the benchmark couple in the history of the World of Dance. They have shown outstanding moves in salsa cabaret. Scoring 100 and 99s for the most part, they would never stop inspiring us with the way they trust each other on those dangerous stunts. Such was the case in this leaked dance routine as Ricardo made those graceful catches every time Karen threw herself in his arms, never flinching for one moment. The passion and energy were complimenting their chemistry. What astonishes us the most is how Karen handles all the spins to such neat conclusions while in heels.


Luka and Jenalyn is a couple with similar chemistry but different track record. Unlike the other team’s consistent brilliance, these two improved themselves with each episode. It is a great achievement in its own right, if anything. The performance on this night was not ordinary and pushed them to limits once again. It was clear that they conveyed a great message through their dance. It was an act based on caged feelings and their journey to escape route, much like Ego trying containing Id.

Now, this is the hard part of this article, comparing the two performances. At first look, it seemed like an impossible question to answer. Karen Y Ricardo vs. Luka and Jenalyn was a spectacular competition with both couples doing their absolute best. But as we re-watched the performances multiple times for the sake of analysis, we realized that Karen Y Ricardo was considerably better. While Luka and Jenalyn delivered a brilliant act, their choreography and technical dancing were still behind Karen Y Ricardo. It can be seen in the reaction of judges as well. Our final verdict is that Karen Y Ricardo was better between the two teams, and deserved the praise that led them to the runner up position. It’s sad however, that they couldn’t take the final win.

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