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Is Knock Off PS4 Controller Really that Bad?




The knock off PS4 controller comes in the same box as an original one, but the official PS4 controller box has a sketch on the back instead of an actual picture. It is perhaps the easiest way to spot a fake dual shock 4. The original also doesn’t come with a pre-included micro-USB charging cable, which is present in some knock off PS4 controller boxes.

The fake controllers still look pretty legit on their own, so it is hard to spot one if it did not come in a box. But does that mean you shouldn’t buy it? Is it really much worse than the official PS4 controller? Honestly, the original DS4 feels cheap compared to its rival Xbox One controller.

The Xbox controller feels far more solid, better put together, and has a bit of weight than the PS4 controller. The plastic on DS4 feels cheap when you have held the Xbox controller. Keeping this in mind, how bad is a knock off PS4 as like PS5 controller going to feel then? The only way to find out is by giving it a try. It is exactly what I did when I thought about making this comparison. I used the fake PS4 controller for a week, so I could share my experience with the readers. Here is my honest impression of a knock off PS4 controller.

Knock off PS4 Controller vs. Official

The first difference that I felt was in the weights of the two controllers. The knock off PS4 controller feels slightly lighter in weight. The plastic on the official controller is a lot smoother, but the one on the fake controller is not bad either. Albeit rough, it has a nice touch to it. The buttons feel almost at par with the original controller, no difference there. In fact, the D-Pad on my fake DS4 feels much better for some reason. The analog sticks are pretty much in the same quality, but the right stick feels slightly freer in motion, which can make the ADS weird if you don’t get used to it. The speaker quality in both controllers is the same in both controllers, and so is the touchpad. The responsiveness of the touchpad on the fake controller has impressed me.


The LED hue on the knock off PS4 controller is slightly different than the official one. Not bad though, it gets just as bright as the real controller and also dims like it. I have the generation 2 DS4, both fake and real, and both of them have the light in the upper part of the touch panel. I was worried the most about triggers; they are pretty great, to my surprise! The range of motion and the feeling of shooting the guns is just as satisfying as it is on the real DS4. Rumble is pretty much the same, and both controllers will charge perfectly from the PS4. The texture at the bottom is exactly the same because they are both made out of the same mold.

Serial Number

There are some ways to identify a fake controller without the box too. The serial number mentioned in the back sticker is the same in all the fake controllers, which is LJ227114B0051099. The second identifier is the SONY logo between the touchpad and the LED light. The original controller’s logo is bigger, whereas the one on the fake controller is at an angle. Perhaps, the biggest difference between the two is the price. The price of a knock off PS4 controller is $20, whereas the original costs $60. Now that I have used both, do I really think the original is worth $60? No, I am not very convinced anymore.

My Recommendation

Yes, the official controller is slightly better, but the knock off PS4 controller is not really as bad as I thought it would be. It is fairly decent despite the fact that it is not official. If I were using the fake controller from the beginning of my experience with PS4, I honestly would not think twice about it. This was my honest impression of the fake PS4 controller and a comparison with the official one. I would totally recommend it as a spare controller to keep around when your friends come for a visit.

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