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Last call on the ship in Norfork Lake




School years are characterized by surprising discoveries and full of events. However, one day this period of childhood also comes to an end. Everyone tries to celebrate the end of school years in an original and large-scale way. The usual celebration in a restaurant or cafe is no longer relevant. A perfect variant is the Last Bell ceremony by a ship in Lacey’s Narrows Marina. Both children and adults will be very happy with the result of the celebration on a motor ship. The main advantages of the Last Bell ceremony on a ship include:


Impeccable landscapes, fresh air, and a fabulous atmosphere.

Indelible impressions of the outing.

Joyous moments will remain in the memory of the graduates.

Celebrating the last call on a motor ship is acceptable and because you will not disturb others with a noisy company. All those who wish to share happy emotions with their children will be on board the ship.


Organization of the last call on a motor ship

When planning any event, there are always many complications to consider. Last Bell on a school ship requires a special approach since you need to take into account the opinions of a huge number of people. To save parents from the hassle, the company “” in Lacey’s Narrows Marina can organize the school’s last call. We will choose the best program for the event and create an original entourage. Among the main nuances of the last call on a ship can be distinguished:


Different sizes of vessels allow you to choose the best option for a particular case. Some motor ships can accommodate the class, while others can accommodate graduates with teachers and parents. On large motor ships you can arrange an interesting flash mob, where graduates from different schools will gather.

It is possible to organize a holiday buffet. Schoolchildren can enjoy delicious snacks, drinks and sweets.

All kinds of options for decorating the hall. Among the younger generation are popular themed parties with fascinating scenarios and cross-dressing.

Rent a ship for the last call

\Our company “Lacey’s Narrows Marina” offers rental of a motor ship for the last call. You will:


Fascinating moments farewell to school.

Fascinating programs.

Bright pictures.

An amazing trip on the river.

A cheerful holiday.

Modern panoramic motor ships are very comfortable. There will be no bystanders on board, which will allow everyone to relax and unwind as much as possible.


Spending time with your family is the most soulful and valuable. Vacation with family on a yacht in Lacey’s Narrows Marina is the best opportunity to get closer to your loved ones. It will allow you to spend a brilliant time, relax and distract from every day worries. When is a vacation with family or friends on the yacht relevant?


Tired of working life and the noisy city.

The need to relive romantic feelings with your significant other.

Rare meetings with friends.

The desire to please children and give a real trip for their loved ones.


Spending a family vacation on a yacht

There are many options for spending time with your family. However, the combination of relaxation and activity, comfort, and coziness are only possible on a yacht. Recreation on a yacht with the family has the following undeniable advantages:


Maximum bonding of all family members. Onboard the boat all close people find common topics of conversation, regardless of habits and character. Shared activities on the boat strengthen relationships and improve understanding of the loved one. For example, a child will better understand and listen to their parents after being in an unfamiliar environment.

Total harmony with nature. The family will go on adventures and the amazing scenery of nature. There is no place for problems, worries, and discomfort on a sailing yacht. Here everyone plunges into a world of relaxation.


Receiving new emotions. A family holiday on a yacht is new sensations and emotions which you will share with your family.

Replacing the virtual world. Those families with teenagers often face the problem of real communication. Onboard, children will share their little secrets and possible problems with their parents.

It is noteworthy that a boat trip is absolutely safe for a family even with very young children. If you have little ones, be sure to take them along for a comfortable and pleasant trip. They will only benefit from such a trip.


Rent a yacht for a vacation with friends

Unfortunately the rhythm of life today does not allow many people to see friends often. And in fact, such meetings are invaluable. We offer you a holiday with friends on the yacht from the company “Lacey’s Narrows Marina“. You can choose the best option for recreation on the boat: a fun party, active adventures, or a measured walk. In any case, you’ll discover the city from a new unusual angle and spend a great time in the circle of friends.

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