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Latest Night City Wire of Cyberpunk 2077 : Cars, Styles & More Keanu Reeves




With almost a month away from global release, CDPR released Episode 4 of Night City Wire on October 15th. The episode focused on several car classes that you can pump the gas on when traversing through the neon-lit open-world of Cyberpunk 2077. We also got a look at the various styles that rule the fashion sense in this futuristic dystopia.

Night City Wire from Cyberpunk 2077 has become a hit segment due to the amount of content and details we are given each time. It has only exceeded our expectations with every episode due to the sheer amount of lengths the developer team has gone for a wholesome experience.

With the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 getting so close after eight years of anticipation, it almost feels surreal. Surreal yet satisfying when we see the extreme detailing of the world CD Project Red has crafted for us. Players can’t wait to explore the dark, conflicted futuristic world of the Night City.

Cyberpunk Night City Wire Episode 4

The episode 4 of Night City Wire was divided into two main segments: Rides of the Dark Future & 2077 in Style. Rides of the Dark Future introduced the players to the diverse range of cars and motorbikes that have been categorized into five classes; economy, executive, heavy-duty, sport & hyper cars.


This is the bottom of the barrel class. There is nothing advanced or luxurious about the economy cars. They are simple rusty boxes that will take you to your destination on their bumpy seats (hopefully).


Impress the folks with these premium vehicles that define authority. These are expensive high-end locomotives equipped with all the latest technology. The exterior is shiny and the interior is plushy. You will definitely be tempted to drive this one whether you steal or buy it.

Heavy Duty

As the name suggests, all the tanks, trucks, and vans come under this category. These are practical designs to aid you in that brute force or just to cause mayhem on the streets of Night City. These heavy-duty vehicles are unstoppable.


You had your fun with riding around on Roach finishing those muddy race tracks, now come to the future of concrete racing with sports cars. Described perfectly in the episode, “these cars are for chooms who love the smell of exhaust and the roar of street wildlife.” These cars are built for maximum engine output and high-speed handling. This means races are officially confirmed in Cyberpunk 2077! Imagine those night time chaotic races in the Night City with accompanying music. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely try to recreate that Ready Player One racing sequence.


These are really expensive armored vehicles. You must have a hypercar if you need both speed and armor. Among the most expensive of these is the Aerondight. As suggested by an in-game dialogue, only about a thousand people can afford to buy this car in the world of Cyberpunk. Yup, I am totally not going to steal and drive this one.

Cyberpunk Night City Wire Livestream was not just about informing us of the car categories. It also took us behind the curtains to show us the hard work of CDPR’s sound effects department. The sound team went out and actually recorded the individual sounds of more than 40 vehicles. They wanted to keep the feel of the combustion engine while delivering the UI of a futuristic vehicle. The placement of microphones on different cars they showed in the clip was jaw-dropping. It really showed the dedication of the team to bring the perfect sound in the Cyberpunk 2077 cars.

Jhonny Silverhand’s Porsche 911 930

Among all the other original cars from the game, there is one that’s put in straight from the actual world. Porsche 911 930 that came out in 1977, is Jonny Silverhand’s car in Cyberpunk 2077. It will be exactly one hundred years old in 2077 and is the only vehicle to have the exact sounds in-game as it would sound in real life.

Arch Motorcycle with Keanu Reaves & Gard Holling

An interview featuring Keanu Reeves in all his breath-taking charisma and Gard Hollings discussed the Arch Motorcycle in the game. What makes this particular bike interesting is that it is based on a model called “Method 143”, which is currently under development. The founders Keanu Reeves and Gard Hulling were proud to let the developers use that design as the inspiration for Arch motorcycle in the game.

2077 in Style

Styles in 2077 are deeply linked with the history of the world and makes an important aspect of life in Night City. There are four styles that players can use to associate themselves with or identify the varying population of the city. These are Kitsch, Entropism, Neo-Militarism, and Neo-Kitsch.


Kitsch can be easily recognized by the illuminated tattoos, neon hair & chrome. Their looks are more aesthetic than practical because they believe in doing well by looking good.


As a result of the Fourth Corporate War, people were forced to find any means to survive due to a vast crisis. Entropism is the exact reverse of Kitsch; these people believe in getting the job done at all costs; looks don’t matter to them.


This is an elite fashion that is seen in only the wealthy parts of the map. The motto of Neo-Militarism is “Substance over style.” They sure like to show it off with the premium corporate wardrobes and executive cars.


These are the retaliates of Neo-Militarism, who have adopted the Kitsch style back but with a premium touch. Neo-Kitsch are the braindance stars, celebrities, and descendants of corporate status.

The last segment of the latest Night City Wire of Cyberpunk 2077 revealed the winners of the Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest with very impressive creative work from the community.

Missed out on the previous Night City Wire episodes? Here is a quick recap:

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Cyberpunk Night City Wire Episode 1

The very first episode called the Cyberpunk Night City Wire Episode 1 was where we were introduced to the concept of ‘Braindance’. CDPR also announced Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, a standalone anime to explore the lore and world of Cyberpunk further. It will be released in 2022.

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