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Lewis Hamilton: Proud to Stand and Represent the British Flag




F1 drivers have become the demand for sports lovers not only from a physical aspect but mentally as well. Whereas Formula 1 has suffered a lot due to the COVID pandemic, however, the after-effects were observed on the championship title holder- Lewis Hamilton. Tight schedules of races make the drivers be far from their families, as they are enclosed in ‘bubbles’ to ensure the safety of their health.

Being enclosed due to and not permitted fort outing made Hamilton miss his homeland. How deeply Hamilton was missing England is felt from, his Instagram story.




The 7 times champion of Formula 1, describes how much it means to the F1 drivers when they’re representing their homeland. When he says that “Anyway, I’m so proud to stand and represent the British flag all around the world. And I’m so grateful to those whose support me.

“The greatest honor an athlete gets is to stand and lift the flag of their nation. I will continue to do so for as long as I can.”

The line that says I will continue to do so for as long as I can’, somewhat adds up to the joy of his fans that they will be able to see in driving in the future. As Lewis Hamilton has given a cryptic interview, that his presence in the next year’s grid is not guaranteed.

So, people can hope and support him to break the record of Michael Schumacher. Thus, he has upgraded the level of love in people’s hearts for him by being grateful to England, and proudly represent the British as long as he can.  It can also be seen that he misses each and every element of his homeland.

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