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Lionel Messi Confirms his Exit from Barcelona.




News has been circulating about Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona. The world’s best footballer and captain of his team Barcelona, Lionel Messi, is expected to leave his team, which has come out to be a relatively big shock for everyone. For his fans, it is heartbreaking as they have watched their favorite player for many years. How will his fans react to it? He has been dominating the football league for almost six years. This could be a tremendous loss for the football world. The club declared He had shown his intentions of leaving. After such an immense journey, why the player has shown intensions of quitting his team? He has spent playing for many years and winning great titles for this team, and that’s even before his retirement, one of the clauses in his retirement states that if he quits before his retirement, he will get no money after his retirement.

He has officially thanked his ex-coach, Ernesto Valverde,a farewell message and wishing him for the future plans. While observing this bond, questions have arisen: Is everything alright with the Barcelona team’s new boss? The new boss has exchanged some harsh words with Messi, which he probably didn’t make it right. The coach might be facing a significant loss in his first year of joining the team if Messi officially quits the team.

What is the reaction of fans?

Fans have been curious about the shocking news of seeing their favorite legendry player leave Barcelona. Some of his fans have reacted aggressively while others are still respecting his decision and wishing him a farewell.

While he broke the news on twitter, his fellow football players have been tweeting about how messy it would get after leaving them. His fans are tweeting about his number 10 jerseys would be missed.

Some fans even protested outside the football stadium gate and demanded the president of BC football team to resign. Unfortunately, the news didn’t hit them well, and the police have to take over the situation.

His Achievements Throughout the Journey

Lionel Messi started his career from a young age. At the age of 14, he began playing for Barcelona, and now it has been many great years he has been playing for his team.  Through his journey, he has achieved phenomenal titles. He started to play in a junior team where he scored more than 20 goals in 14 games. His performances were being keenly watched, and finally, he got the opportunity to play a friendly match in FC Barcelona.

Messi was madly loved by is fans. He even got Spanish citizenship.  Messi had made his name by winning the title in FIFA world player five times. He has not only played for himself but made his team successful in achieving tiles. He set the Barcelona goal record by scoring the 370th goal for his team. Messi broke the goal records in the Champions League and La Liga of his career outstanding performance. With just 5’7 feet height, the footballer has made records no one has ever seen. He had given the club to achieve ten la Liga crowns and many other crowns along with trophies.

Will Barcelona see another Star in the Future like Messi?

To lose such a player can be hard to forget by his fans and his team members. But you never know how the tables turn around at any minute. Barcelona has already lost terribly to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of quarter-finals Champions League. Ronald Koeman listed a few players to be transferred after their loss. The club is now looking towards the young players to join the team after the exit of Messi. Their hunt for replacement may take in Paulo Dybala.



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