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Location Share on Social Media – Raise the Safety Concerns – Mobile Tracker 2021




We do not need an expert to tell about the location share on social media danger zone. Well, everyone knows about the dark side of social networking sites. Not only kids, but we also want the adults to be good digital citizens while living in such a threat zone in 2021.

Users always get excited when social media platforms introduce their new features. When some famous social networking app launched, it raised many eyebrows. Because sharing your current location with online strangers can turn your daydreams into a horrible nightmare.

Indeed, our new generation does not have an idea about the potential threats that location-sharing features can bring. Parents can get help from mobile tracker app as the coming year will bring a darker side that can hit our loved ones.

In this article, we will take an example of social media platforms where sharing your location can turn into a dark night.

Snapchat – Increase the Chance of Online Stalking 

Have you ever used a Snap map? Yes, it is the new feature that Snapchat has introduced recently. Snapchat got popular for its face filters. Not only teens but also adults get used to this app for capturing their facial expressions. Meanwhile, adults learn to deal with strangers online, but it’s a fact that our young generation does not bother with such issues. What do kids do on Snapchat?

1 – They add strangers to their contacts.


2 – They share every type of photo and video with the contact list.


3 – They also enable the current-location feature when they share events or photos online.

Here, things can go worst.

Sharing your location with online friends can give an open invitation to online predators. They can save photos of your child and stalk them in real-life. When online predators find out the location, they will reach our teens and get them involved in unlawful activities.

Indeed, location sharing can save a person from any severe incident, but when a user enables it for everyone, then it’s alarming.

Disadvantages of Sharing Location with Social Media Contacts 

All social media users do not reveal their real identities. Our following steps will unlock what happens when a user enables the location-share feature:

1 – Nearly 40% of victims robbed because the robbers checked their location & follow them through social media.

2 – If a child turns on location on social networking sites, it increases the chances of being harassed in real-life by strangers (as they can stalk kids in person).

3 – Online molesters easily reach the victims when they find their location nearby.

4 – Students take mobile phones to their schools, and here, the online stranger finds out which school they go to. Such stalking leads to kidnapping, abduction, etc.

5 – Teenage girls share the location online without thinking about the consequences. Many raping incidents happened in recent years that indicate how scary it is to turn on the current-location on social media.


How to Change Social Media Settings Remotely? 


The phone tracker app is the most reliable solution to access the target device remotely. Installing the mobile tracking app in the target device allows the end-user to manage online activities. The end-user can change the settings of location sharing on social media and turn off the location feature through a user-friendly control panel (Internet connection is a must).


Is There Another Way to Access Your Child Without Using Social Media Apps?


Yes, a cell phone tracker app is the most powerful way to keep track of your kids without letting them know. When parents download the mobile tracker on the target phone, their kids will not get any clue that they are being monitored. The advanced app offers multiple location-based services, such as geo-fencing, whereabout notifications, alerts, etc.

Avail Best Location-Based Services – TheWiSpy 

A leading company that has hundreds of active users is still growing with every coming day. Its services are for both personal and business use. A user can buy its license at affordable rates but avail of efficient location-tracking services in return. It does follow a simple method to access the target phone. The end-user needs to download the app on the target phone, and the next step is to start monitoring.

Get Started to Track Your Child’s Location with TheWiSpy And Control Social Media Apps per Only a Few Clicks!

Location Share on Social Media - Raise the Safety Concerns - Mobile Tracker 2021
Location Share on Social Media - Raise the Safety Concerns - Mobile Tracker 2021
Discover why the social media location feature has become a safety concern issue in 2021. Get help from the mobile tracker and access the target device to change the settings plus check the live-location.
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