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Major Battlebots Rules – Design And Tournament Guidelines




BattleBots rules are divided into various categories, and two major categories are Tournament Rules and Design Rules. This article will discuss the rules of major bot categories in detail. But before discussing the rules, we will briefly discuss what Battlebots is and why it is famous. So, let’s discuss everything about this in detail. 

Introduction And Battlebots Rules 

BattleBots is an American television series about robot combat. This television series was an edition of the Robot Wars, a British show. In that British show, the competitors design and control the machine remotely and operate these armoured machines with remotes. 

In addition, armoured machines have been manufactured in the show that helps fight in an arena war elimination tournament. There are now 11 seasons of Battlebots, among which five seasons are aired on the American Comedy Central. Also, these five seasons were hosted by Sean Salisbury, Bil Dwyer, and Tim Green. 

The first episode of Battlebots premiered on August 23 on Comedy Central in 2000. At the same time, the fifth season ended on 2002, December 21. After the fifth season, the show was on pause, and there was no revival until 2015. 

Then in 2015, the first episode of the sixth season premiered on ABC in June. Again, there were favourable ratings and reviews of the season. Then, the show’s seventh season was also premiered by ABC in June 2016. 

Later in 2018, the show was handed over to Discovery Channel and Science. So, the eighth season premiered on that channel in May 2018. The ninth, tenth and eleventh seasons of the Battlebots show were also premiered on the same channel in June 2019, December 3, 2020, and January 6, 2022, respectively.


Battlebots Design Rules

The Design Battlebots Rules dictate the lower and upper bounds for various types of characteristics for a prospective bot. In the design rules, you will get most of the information in guidance rules. In addition, the rules also warn that the officers may make decisions on various features that are not mentioned in the rules. So, it means that the officials are free to make decisions beyond the rules. 

Moreover, the design rules of Battlebots are also classified into various sections. There are 16 sections that deal with the basic design of the Battlebots:

Section 1: Bot Basics

Section 1 deals with the basics of bot such as:

  • Mobility
  • Bot Control
  • Weapons
  • Configuration
  • Component Protection
  • Floor Clearance
  • Mobility

Mobility defines that the bots can be a roller, slitherer, hopper, walker, flier, or whatever as long as they can move around. In addition, the bot needs to move in a controlled manner without causing any damage to the arena.

  • Bot Control

The rules of bot control state that you must have a dependable remote controller that can control all bot’s positions and functions. In addition, if your bot has autonomous functions, it is also acceptable. However, you need to know how to disable and override those functions urgently. 

  • Weapons

The bot must have an independently powered weapon, whether it’s a pounder, grabber, flipper, or whatever. Furthermore, the weapon should have the ability to seriously affect other bots’ normal operations. In addition, you can also bring alternate (modular) or spare weapons.

  • Configuration

The configuration of a functional boat consists of two or more “Multi-Bots.” Therefore, each Multi-Boat must follow the design requirements mentioned in the design Battlebots seasons 11 rules. In addition, make sure to know what weight limit is required for all the bots and do not exceed that limit. 

  • Component Protection

You have to ensure the protection of high-pressure tanks, Batteries, fuel lines, and fuel tanks. If the screwdriver jam through the bot’s outer frame and hits the pressure tank, fuel line, fuel tank, or battery, it means that it is not protected. 

  • Floor Clearance

If we talk about the rules of the floor clearance, there is no specific requirement. However, the floor of the arena is not flat, and make sure that the heights of the panels are not the same size. In addition, there may be extra barriers on the boat floor. 

Other Sections of Battleblot

The second section of the design rules guides deals with the Weight Limit; the third section covers the Activation/Deactivation system of the bots. In the fourth section, you will find the rules of Electrical systems, and in section 5, you will get guidance about Remote Control. Finally, rules of Construction Materials are found in the sixth section, and flames rules are available in the seventh section. 

Moreover, rules of Battlebots active weapons are available in section 8, and rules of Active Weapons Internal Combustion Engines are present in section 9. Section 10 of the Battlebots rules guide deal with Pneumatics, section 11 with Hydraulics, section 12 with Non-Wheeled Robots, and section 13 with Handling Safety. Telemetry Package, Appearance, and BattleBots Rights are present in sections 14, 15, and 16, respectively. 

Battlebots Tournament Rules

The major section category of Battlebots 2022 rules is the tournament rules. In these rules, you will find the conduct around the Battlebots. In addition, you will also find pit and preparation areas. So, we can say that most of these rules are about the safety of participants. The Battlebots Tournament 2022 Rules cover these sections:

  • General Introduction
  • Tournament General Rules
  • Pit and Preparation Area Rules
  • Safety/Technical Compliance
  • Remote-Control Radio Use
  • Contest Procedures
  • Match Descriptions
  • Tournament Format
  • Enforcement of Rules

Battlebots Seasons And Episodes 


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SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
115August 23, 2000November 29, 2000Comedy Central
217December 12, 2000March 13, 2001
320July 10, 2001September 11, 2001
420January 8, 2002March 12, 2002
520August 20, 2002December 21, 2002
66June 21, 2015July 26, 2015ABC
710June 23, 2016September 1, 2016
820May 11, 2018October 5, 2018Discovery Channel
916June 7, 2019September 27, 2019
1014December 3, 2020March 11, 2021
1114January 6, 2022To be announced


Five Frequently Asked Questions about BattleBlot

What is the Genre of Battlebots?

It is a robot competition show that is aired on the Discovery channel. 

Is BattleBots kid-friendly?

The show is based on building robots that are enjoyable for everyone. Bot builders vary in experience and education. In addition, bots use weapons, aggression, defence, and damage. Therefore, the show is for eight years old children and above age. No less than eight years old. 

How many times has Battlebots Tombstone lost?

Many robots such as Bombshell, Bite Force, Rotator, Endgame, Duck, Witch Doctor, Scorpius, VD6. 0, and Root Canal have beaten them. However, Battlebots Tombstone has had an inspiring record of only nine losses and 30 wins in its competitions.

What is illegal in BattleBots?

Some weaponry is illegal and prohibited in Battlebots that include:

  • High voltage electric discharge.
  • Radio jamming
  • Liquids (oil, water, glue, corrosives
  • Fire (except in BattleBots)

Are guns allowed in BattleBots?

Catapults, springs, and powered gas-pressure guns may be acceptable. However, you have to show that your weapons or projectile guns will not damage and cause harm to the exterior of the arena. 


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