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Marine Life in Danger- Ocean Heatwaves Rises Above




  • CO2 is produced enormously, thus causing global warming where sea level also rises
  • Ocean heatwaves are the reason behind storms that are strong and can affect marine life
  • Water pollution has increased due to the toxic release of co2 from industrialization which is destroying most of the marine species
  • Heatwaves have already caused a disturbance on land where a wildfire in different areas of America faces the biggest threat of wildfires.

Climate change is one of the major factors that produce ocean heat waves and thus marine life is in danger.

All-natural occurring processes occur specifically as designed by nature but any external stimulus can cause a threat. Here the external stimulus is we as a human who is constantly stimulating the naturally occurring processes and here is how?

Heat energy is emitted by the exchange of heat between two sources. The natural heat energy source is the sunlight that reaches the earth by a protective lawyer although that layer is not safe anymore.

Many species live on planet earth where marine life species are now facing a big threat. Why marine life is in danger? Oceans comprise 70 percent of earth’s water. Can we even imagine how delicate this scenario is if it’s being affected?

Heatwaves are directly absorbed by the ocean that is emitted by sunlight. Whereas there are other factors involved too like greenhouse gasses, clouds emit heat that is also absorbed by oceans. This heat is then mixed with the waves and tides.

Although these naturally occurring phenomena don’t cause chaos a little increase can be dangerous. Heatwaves are constantly increasing the temperature due to high heat emission by sources other than sunlight. How heat waves are affecting oceans?

Climate change is affecting human beings on land and the weather conditions are getting worse every year. But are we forgetting about another important entity that is also affected by climate change? Yes, the marine life living in oceans cannot take the heated-up process as they occur more than 40 or 50 times increasing the heat temperature of the ocean.

United Nations had released a report that shows how badly the heat waves are affecting marine life.

In 2019, the report was put forward by the united nations that heatwaves are causing a disturbance in ocean temperature.

Heatwaves have already encountered dangerous factors like wildfires in California which were heated due to the stormy weather change in climate instigating the fire to burn and destroy forests and even homes.

Moreover, scientists have found out that not only heat waves are responsible for this chaos but some of the human activities are also involved.

Wildfires in the forest caused by humans get more attention on the land but oceans are usually out sight and out of mind. USA news focuses more on the visible thing.

We are unaware of the chaos caused under the water but there is always a scream after the calmness.

Heatwaves are causing more stir than any wildfire under the ocean.

Marine Life Threats

Animals extinction is a dangerous period in ecology where some of the animal species are no more seen on earth but their ruins still remind us of their existence. Humans are capable of coping with changes but animals are not and that’s where the problem begins.

Oceans are the greatest habitat for marine animals. There are animals like sea lions turtles’ crocodiles’ sharks and many more are under the protection of the ocean.

If your home gets hot, you turn on the ac to cool the temperature. But how will the marine animal cool down the high temperature when they are living in the high temperatures heatwaves ocean.

that’s the concern we all should have.

Ecosystem disturbance underwater

Oceans do have an ecosystem where living things are in conjunction with nonliving things. One of the ecosystems comprising of the coral reef is in great danger due to heatwaves. These coral reefs are in communities producing food for marine life also they protect from large predators.

Moreover, plankton another food providing ecosystem species is also in danger.

Polar bears are facing food chains starving because of a lack of fishes in the oceans. They are constantly dying due to heatwaves. Penguins, seabirds are also victims of food starving.

What is our role to limit heatwaves?

Avoid activities that are causing a rise in C02, which is causing the ocean to become acidic.

Throwing plastic should be banned, as most of the sea animals are seen tangles in it. We can even lose one’s life.

Fishing practices should be limited or made protective

Biodiversity should be protected utilizing making new habitats where they can live without heatwaves effects

Factories should not release toxic gases into the water.

Firing up forest should be avoided.

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