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Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend – Who is the Dating the Giant Eating Beast?




Who can date a competitive eater, who eats likes giants and ghosts? Well, exactly you’re right it is about Matt Stonie who has won numerous world record awards for eating an enormous amount of food. Matt Stonie is originally from San Jose, California and his full name is Matthew Kai Stonie. He is also known as Megatoad, which is his nickname coming from his character with Toad Super Mario Franchise. The interesting part about Matt Stonie is that he’s a mixture of Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian which is the reason he has so many qualities. Matt Stonie YouTube channel is search with the same name and has the first video on it in 2012. The audience has greatly appreciated him and today, Matt Stonie YouTube channel has earned around 13.5 million subscribers. Here have a look at who is Matt Stonie dating, how many ex-girlfriends he had, and who is he currently dating.

Matt Stonie Girlfriend, Bio, Age, all personal Info:

Real Name: Matthew Kai Stonie

Nickname: Megatoad

Gender: Male

Age: 28 years old

Horoscope: Gemini

Height: 5 ft 8in (173 cm)

Weight: 58 Kg

Date of Birth: May 24, 1992

Birth Place: San Jose, California

Girlfriend: N/A

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Nationality: American

Occupation: World Record holder competitive eater and YouTuber

Who is Matt Stonie Dating currently?

According to various media reports, Matt Stonie is currently single. The American competitive eater has gained enormous fame after he participated in Major League Eating events. Besides, participating he has won the award of second-best MLE eater worldwide. Some of his remarkable achievements are ‘eight world records. In the year 2013, he made a record of eating five-pound birthday cake in nine minutes, and forty-three slug burgers in ten minutes.

Matt Stonie is 28 years old and is currently single. However, Matt Stonie is observed to be in a relationship previously. Just like over celebrities, Matt Stonie had been drawing a wide line between his private and professional life. All the media sources show that he had never mentioned anything about his marriage and use to dodge questions about marriage and his girlfriends.

What is Matt Stonie’s Net Worth?

Matt Stonie has successfully gathered a number of awards from several competitions. Thus, all these records are recognized worldwide which makes him free from tension to earn for living. Besides, he takes home several million cheques from his YouTube channel (@Matt Stonie). However, how much does Matt Stonie earns varies widely on other factors too? If we roughly track statistics of Matt Stonie’s YouTube channel it can help us calculate his earning. On average, the viewership on his channel is recorded at 1.5 million per day which sums up to an estimation of $12,000 earning daily from ads only. Other than these advertisements, Stonie earns a good amount from sponsored and advertising videos too. All together, Matt Stonie’s net worth is estimated at around $7.5 million.

Unrevealed Interesting Facts about Matt Stonie

Besides, searching for Matt Stonie’s girlfriend, there are also many other facts to surprise you. Likewise in an interview, Stonie reveals the realistic fact that he never exactly wanted to a competitive eater ever. He popped up into this field area when he wanted some free meals and cash as a broke student long for. Matt Stonie decided to become a prominent competitive eater when he won $1000 for eating lobster content held just a few minutes away from his home.

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Matt Stonie has been blessed with excellence in his svelte frame as well as his feats are incredible. However, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t face any challenges. He faced many health issues like often got bloated, dehydrated, and experience miserable disorders initially to digest so much food. With time, Stonie had adjusted well his freaking eating feats. Today, Matt Stonie is seen eating up to 10,000 calories without and prepping, yet hits the gym nearly five times a week to stay in shape. It is quite creepy for any lady to be Matt Stonie’s girlfriend as it’s really hard to digest his activities and lifestyle.

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