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Most Ideal Oceans in the United State




Oceans are the biggest water body entities that cover up to 70 percent of the earth’s body. The sparkling blue water has limitless boundaries. Out of the 4 biggest oceans, three of them share its territory with the Oceans in the United State. It comprises 50 states which has almost most of the shares of ocean views. The Pacific Ocean shares most of it with the western United States counting the states of California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Cities directly associates with the Pacific Ocean are Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, and San Diego

The second-largest ocean the Atlantic Ocean shares its borders with the east coast of the US.

The shoreline of the ocean is shared by most US states including 14 in number while some of the names are Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, and Florida. Florida is the only state that shares the longest cost line with the Atlantic Ocean.

Another ocean, the arctic oceans shares consist of the only Alaskan state of America.

Beautiful views of Oceans in the United State

Waikiki Beach – Oahu, Hawaii

Looking for something phenomenal to spend your entire day? Waikiki beach has it all for you. It has a remarkable view of the water where you can find golden sand and view of calm water. It is famous for its natural landmarks. They have well-populated service areas where you can and rest at the same time. Stay at the best hotel near the beaches. Surfing is one of the attractions for tourists. There are small Diamond Head craters that you can hike on for a top view of the beach.

Bandon Beach – Bandon, Oregon

It is known for its Pacific Northwest view of coastal grandeur. Remarkable shapes of rocks can be found here like elephant rocks or table rocks which gives the frantic look of the beach. The view is fascinating to walk along the shore side but you wouldn’t take a risk of swimming because the water is too cold for it. Fishing can be a good source of enjoyment you wouldn’t want to miss this beach. This place is known for its lighthouse if you want to have endless enjoyment you also have the option for golf resorts. You will also find sea stacks which are mostly seen on Bandon beaches.

People can also enjoy staying at cottages or rooms where you can have the full view of the ocean from your side

Rialto Beach

Pacific Ocean beach that is located in Washington is a Rialto Beach. This beach is also adjacent to the Olympic national park which adds a cherry on top to visit these two places at the same time. Rocky shoreline, sea stacks that adds a classic look to the beach is always mesmerizing to watch and relax. The wild shore doesn’t invite swimming but one can still enjoy its bits.

a little tip can be helpful to walk over the rocky shoreline, wear comfortable shoes, and enjoy the walk. About seven kilometers from the beach there are resorts to relax some of them provide you with the best fireplaces and covered porches.

Florida beaches

Florida is a center of attraction for all the beaches because it experiences the highest tourism in the US every year. This is because it shares a maximum 2170 km long costliness with the Atlantic Ocean. This is considered the longest of all in the United States. Some of the mandatory visiting beaches are following

Clearwater Beach – Clearwater

The best beach in Florida is voted to be the Clearwater Beach – Clearwater. If you are looking for a beach where you can enjoy limitless with your family, this is the must-visit beach for you where you can have the playtime of your lifetime. The clear water and white sand give the jaw-dropping view for your visit.

Playalinda – Titusville

It’s a 24 miles shoreline where you can experience the life of sandy beaches and crystal clear water. This beach is not only visited by people but you can encounter loads of beautiful species of birds flying alongside the waves of oceans. Dolphins swimming and migrating birds enjoy the company of wildlife at the beach would be your best experience if you are an animal lover.

Siesta Beach

Want to experience the three beaches at the time? The siesta key has three beaches that you can experience at one time. It is the number one tourism destination in the US with its white sand and a huge view of the ocean. Siesta beach crescent beach and turtle beach are the three Most Ideal Oceans in the United State.

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