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10 Remarkable Most Luxurious Restaurants in the world 2020




If you have a deep pocket, besides love dining with your beloved ones, then some most luxurious restaurants in the world are included in the to-do list. Also, when looking for the most expensive restaurants in the world, you’ll surely ensure it offers everything the best. Best luxury restaurants in the world offer high quality and styled food, the location view, and the menu it presents. What if the most luxurious restaurants in the world don’t offer you these facilities? Thus, it is quite important when you opt for a luxurious hotel in the world, there needs to be an absolute balance between prices and services they are offering. Besides, to enjoy a wonderful dining experience can take you from the castles of Switzerland to experience the underwater culinary of Maldives. Ride from Japan to Europe to the Big Apple, wines enhancing the taste menus on your dining. 

Here are worth and specialists of most luxurious restaurants in the world. And what is the best time to visit these restaurants and with whom to visit? 


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives:

The first underwater restaurant in the world is Ithaa Undersea. Whereas, the factor that makes it the most luxurious restaurant in the world is Ithaa Undersea Restaurant menu prices approximately $320 per head. There is a perfect balance between prices and Ithaa Undersea restaurant food, as it is enjoyed five meters below in the Indian Ocean. You get to enjoy the views of marine life and coral gardens of oceans. More precisely Ithaa Undersea Restaurant’s location is Rangali Island in the Maldives. The finest dining menus and cocktails can be offered to 14 guests at a time. When you visit as a guest keeps in mind that the lunch menu would offer you four dishes courses well dinner is six-courses. To enjoy this incredible experience of undersea dining, you have to make a reservation to stay at Conrad Rangali, the main 5-star resort on the island. 


Aragawa, the restaurant in the basement of building Japan:

Aragawa Tokyo menu is presented in the basement of an office building in Japan. Aragawa restaurant menu offers you a La Carte menu taste. This menu consists of fine beef dishes such as Kobe and Wagu, these menu package costs Aragwara price per head of $370. Hence, Aragawa is such most luxurious restaurants in the world that focus more on offer the ultimate quality of food, not the dining experience. Thus, this excellent quality food and ultimate taste make it one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. 


Breeze- Bangkok Thailand:

If you are conducive to romance, the Breeze Restaurant located in the Lebua hotel in Thailand offers a great open-air, rooftop, and balmy evening experience. Premium scenery view offered by the sprawl of Bangkok and the River Chao Phraya below it excites the pleasure of guests enjoying dining. Moreover, the Breeze most luxurious restaurants in the world restaurant impresses the visitors with the fireworks display erupted along with dining going. 


Guy Savoy of Las Vegas and Paris: 

Guy Savoy Michelin stars have two restaurants in this world and are included in Expensive restaurants names. However, the main flagship of Guy Savoy restaurant is the one in Paris, France. Guy Savoy menu offers a range of 13-courses without any kind of drinks basically comprised of heavy meant. 

Guy Savoy’s food specialty is the marinated duck named “Festival of Lobster”. You can also expect to enjoy john dory, barbecued pigeon, monkfish, oyster concasse, aubergine caviar, and sauteed ceps. Guy Savoy menu prices range between $385 – $626 per head. 


Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee- Paris:

Alain Ducasse Chef has expanded the dining room of Plaza Athenne into a brilliant white fantasy with chandeliers dripping with crystals. It is also known as Alain Ducasse Michelin star with three stars in the world. Alain Ducasse is located in London’s famous hotel Dorchester hotel and the other one with the Eiffel Tower, Paris. If you just want to go for Ducasse’s basic menu the starter, main course, dessert, and drink for two persons is just for $210. Whereas the famous ‘Jardin- Marin” menu, which comprises three dishes, cheese, and dessert costs $395 (this excludes the cost of fine wines sold separately). 


De L’Hotel De Villa Restaurant- Switzerland:

Hotel De Villa Switzerland the Best luxury restaurant in the worldoffers delights include fillet of lamb, mussels of saffron, pulp, “Scarlet” tomato, and pip consommé with imperial Ossetra caviar. Well if you want to go for beef of Restaurant De L’Hotel de villa menu, it is called “Scalers” beef grilled with wild pepper and young fresh salad leaves. 

So, a blend of luxury, magic, and wellness, a fine dining experience that would definitely be worth remembering as Restaurant De L’Hotel De Villa’s price per person is US$415.


Maison Pic – France:

Anne- Sophie Pic, one top female chef runs Maison Pic Michelin Three-star kitchen situated in Drome in France. Maison Pic menu features Mediterranean Rouget in a saffron broth, candied turnips, Banon goat cheese Berlingots, and Chocolate desserts which will eventually melt going into your mouth. Maison Pic restaurant’s price per person is around US$445.


Masa- The New York City:

To enjoy the simplicity and timeless beauty besides promising exceptional hospitality as in Japanese culture is rich in Masa Restaurant of New York. Masa restaurants menu cost nearly $600 per person. If you have enough deep pockets to visit the most luxurious restaurant in the world, keep in mind that if the plan takes any turn. Then make sure you do it 48 hours beforehand, otherwise, you’ll be fined to pay $200 charges per person. Masa Sushi one of most luxurious restaurants in the world and one from two sushi restaurant in North America which offers sushi bar made of a solid piece of Hinoka wood from Japan priced the amount of $260,000. 


PER SE- New York, USA:

 A restaurant named Per Sa was opened in 2004 by renowned chef Thomas Keller. Per Se restaurant wine list comprising over 2,000 bottles besides these collections one of the Award- Winning Collection. Per Se Restaurant Michelin Star features daily nine-courses and nine-course vegetarian tasting menu too. Per Se menu of the finest French Technique meal cost around US$685. Moreover, Per Se restaurant is considered the second most luxurious restaurants in the world. 


Sublimotion- Spain; The most expensive restaurant in the world:

Sublimotion restaurant is on the top of the list of most luxurious restaurants in the world. This makes you wonder about the Sublimotion price for reservation, food menu, and lots more. So, the most luxurious restaurant in the work cost you an eye-watering amount i.e. $2,380 per head. Sublimotion reservation for its 20-course dinner is available only for few months in the year according to Spanish Summer. You can enjoy the Sublimotion menu from 1st June to September 30th only and is ran by Michelin two-star chef, Paco Roncero. 


The unique thing about this most luxurious restaurant in the world is that along with enjoying your dining you’ll experience laser light shows. This experience is enhanced at an extreme level by virtual reality elements and projection mapping. 


In past Sublimotion review our past explains that it was more indulged in personalized flavor such that edible entrance ticket, a shell contains various seafood presenting that it is cooked in its own juices. And most interestingly a DIY salad, the customer can pluck from farm tablescape. 

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The most luxurious restaurant in the world 2020, provides the best-culinary entertainment experience in the world too. Sublimotion restaurant was awarded the Best Innovation Food and Beverage Award in 2014. Besides it comprises 25 staff members which include craftsmen, cooks, illusionists, waiters, and a disc jockey. When all these elements of the restaurant work with great dedication, the outcome surely makes it the best luxury restaurant in the world. 


The above-mentioned list shows that people are willing to pay for the ultimate dining experience. Thus, this great demand made a great chef offer their services in the most luxurious restaurant in the world. Two major factors that bring the name into Expensive restaurant names are quality of food and splendid scenery. While all these establishments of most luxurious restaurants in the world are definitely not in the reach of an average person. Or any average person cannot afford frequent visits to this luxurious restaurant. So, can we imagine the most luxurious restaurants in the world ever… 


most-luxurious-restaurants (3)

Sublimotion- Spain


PER SE- New York


Masa – The New York

most-luxurious-restaurants (2)

Maison Pic – France


Alain Ducasse au


Guy Savoy


Breeze – Bangkok


Aragawa Japan


Ithaa Undersea Maldives


De L’Hotel De Villa

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