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Mostly Played Puzzle Video Game Genres 2020 in US




Let us talk about the mostly played puzzle video game genres 2020 in US. Videogames are ironically the most controversial piece of media when it comes to spending quality time. Often challenged as the violent, least productive, and mind-numbing endeavour to take part in, even for adults, let alone for kids.

Interactive Experience

The videogame industry has a range of experiences from eye-pleasing adventures to soul-crushing challenges, from moments of innocence to riots of violence & war. But the latter type has a wider impression on the general public, and thus, videogames are considered to be the number one cause of aggression in growing kids.

It is comedic how most acts of violence committed by children are correlated directly to videogames when our government struggles with gun control. It is a long-held debate, and the only reason I am discussing it in this topic is that I want to re-emphasize that videogames are much more than gunfights. Especially today, we are lucky enough to be living in an era when technological advancements have enabled game artists to get creative beyond limits. There are many wonderful gaming experiences today that can even beat real-life moments at times.

Trust me; it is not even one bit of a stretch when I say it. You can’t explore the shining pyramids of Ancient Egypt as they exist today, except in the Assassins Creed Origins. You can’t experience the true horrors of war and the loss of your brothers in arms except in the Call of Duty: World War II’s ruined European cities. You can’t live the era of the late 1800s Wild West as a cowboy except in the Red Dead Redemption series. And you can’t learn the value of connection until you strive through the perilous pathways of Death Stranding.

There are countless other examples of moments we get to live in videogames that have zero probable chance of occurring in real life. It helps to give us the perspective we never had before; if anything, videogames make us more empathetic because they require more interaction than any other media. A gamer doesn’t put himself in someone else’s shoes; he is actively interacting and influencing his own actions and the characters around him. We don’t get to do that in movies and books, where we are often looking at someone else’s journey.

Now that I have unintentionally defended interactive entertainment media, I will come back to the actual topic. The above-mentioned rhetoric was to establish a base for the argument I place now in front of you. If you feel like videogames are not challenging or they dumb people down, try these puzzles, and you will think otherwise. These are mostly played puzzle video game genres by 2020 in US.

Puzzle Video Game Genres 2020

Tetris Effect (2018) is not only a classic block puzzle game on PS4, Xbox & PC that requires you to think and plan your steps actively; it is an equally gorgeous one. Tetris Effect has refreshed the fun puzzle games concept with its audiovisual effects that seem otherworldly. Haven’t got a PS4? No worries, we have more suggestions on other platforms as well for mostly played puzzle video game genres 2020 in US.

Another great variant of Tetris is Pyu Pyu Tetris (2014). It is also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. It is developed by Sega and combines Pyu Pyu and Tetris franchise acting as a crossover.  It is a colorful Tetris, and it has the Pyu Pyu sound from the Pyu Pyu series. There is nothing more satisfying than this unified experience from two classics.

A good variety of puzzle sequences also exist in single-player story mode games. We are not limited to just the puzzle genre but such games also add single-player genre to mostly played puzzle video game genres 2020 in US.  In fact, some story games have the most memorable puzzle sequences that people still enjoy today.

Games like Tomb Raider series, Uncharted series, Portal series, Limbo, and Inside are a dream come true for players who love puzzle videogames that have a good narrative adventure as like Uncharted Movie Tom Holland. Remember the re4 dial puzzle? The Resident Evil franchise is known for its mutated zombies, but that puzzle and the Resident Evil 4 Ashley Puzzle are literally the most frequently searched queries on Google even today.

Or more recently, I was bugged so much by that Star Wars: Fallen Order Venator wreckage puzzle. A good game by Respawn Entertainment, no doubt, but man! I was frustrated in that section. There are not many exclusive Nintendo Switch puzzle games, but there are around as many as 300 games available on Nintendo Switch for you to play.

The collection of Xbox One puzzle games that I own include The Witness, Valiant Hearts, and Spelunky. Note that these games to play with friends are available on other platforms as well; I just played them on Xbox One, so don’t be confused about exclusivity. There is plenty to add to mostly played puzzle video game genres 2020 in US.

Don’t have consoles or a high-powered PC; I have some excellent suggestions for smartphone users too. Have you played The Room? Or Monument Valley? Did you know that you can play Tetris on your phone as well? You probably did, but this is just a reminder that you can still enjoy many android puzzle games and iOS puzzle games if you just go to the store. Have fun enjoying these mostly played video game genres 2020 in US.

Lastly, there are some puzzle games online if you don’t have any of the above options at your disposal. These are great time killers, a remedy we all need this year as we mostly remain stuck at home.

There is a daily hidden object game called Daily Difference that I enjoy on my occasional spared 5 minutes. It shows you two images of the same routine objects with subtle differences that you are supposed to find. A timer counts the time you take to spot all differences and then shows you the scoreboard.  It is not much but it is enough for a quick challenge for your brain with one of the mostly played puzzle video game genres 2020 in US.

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