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Mysterious Metal Monolith in Utah Desert is now Relocated in Romania




A metallic pillar placed unlawfully in time between July and October 2016, was known as Mysterious Metal Monolith Relocated or you can say discovered in Utah Desert by some biologists. They were on a helicopter survey of wild sheep. It is called a mysterious metal monolith as no one knows who had found it or who had placed it in the Utah Desert at a specific point of location. Can you imagine a metal monolith of 9.5-foot height suddenly disappears and researchers get to find a new one in Romania? On quite a surprising note when a new mysterious metal monolith Romania becomes the focus of people, the other one in the Utah desert at the same moment. 


Are you thinking that maybe some has removed the monolith of the Utah desert and placed it between BatcasDoamnei Hills in the city of Piatra Neam? You all will be quite familiar with the name “The Holy Mountain” one of the seven natural Wonders of the Country. This mysterious metal monolith has to be found facing Mount Ceahlau (the Holy Mountain). Moreover, looking at the surrounding of the mysterious metal monolith of 13 feet, it just a few meters away from a famous archeological landmark. This landmark is from the time of ancient Dacian between 82 BC and AD 106, named Petrodava Dacian Fortress. 


From the book, Arthur C. Clarke’s monolith was visually seen in Stanley Kubrick’s movie monolith. These facts show that the first monolith on Earth was found in Africa 3M years ago. This mysterious metal monolith is symbolized as to confer intelligence upon a starving group of apes to make tools. From the true meaning of monolith, it is a tool used by the alien race for investigating worlds through the galaxies and to empower the development of intelligent life. 


There is also a statement that explains some “Unknown Party” has removed on Friday evening by the Bureau of Land Management Utah. However, this mysterious metal monolith is on the land owned by the Ministry of Culture. Thus, before taking any kind of action on this monolith even though no one owns require permission. 

Furthermore, there are some people saying that a similar version of this monolith was in New Years Day, Seattle for nearly 20 years. However, so far, no one that comes forward to take the responsibilities for this mysterious metal monolith Romania.

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