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New Partner Of Tiktok, Oracle – TikTok Rejecting Microsoft’s Bid




  • Oracle to be the new partner of TikTok

  • Microsoft bids get rejected by TikTok

  • Donald Trump had banned the Chinese app, 15 September the deadline

Oracle will now be partnering with Chinese company ByteDance with its world-famous app TikTok known for its videos and entertainment world because tiktoks partner bid is rejected.  Just to clear the air, the company will be selling US operations to an oracle which will redefine its growth boundaries together.

In Which Country TikTok Banned?

Microsoft ran out of time and missed the chance to but TikTok. While Donald trump gave the deadline for banning Chinese application till 15th September 2020. Which has not much been appreciated and worked upon? Thus buyers and sellers are conveniently making deals and sharing partnerships ahead of the future.

Donald Trump declared banning the Chinese apps including WeChat along with TikTok. Due to privacy policy concerns. Though it is not a terrorism territory but to avoid the miss-use of data information. Although a large mass of the US population does not use TikTok as it is more popular in china and other states.

The built-in tension going on between China and us could also be the reason which is a genuine reason to ban TikTok in us. Before this. Trump has also given some comments regarding COVID -19 describing it as a china virus.

Many US companies cannot operate freely in China. So why letting china freely into the territory of technology.

Why did oracle make the bid to buy TikTok?

After the Trump’s announcement that TikTok will be banned until and unless it is sold to a US operational company, Microsoft tried to make its deal to make sure the usage of TikTok in US in not banned. The deal had to boom before the deadline and it has successfully been done by oracle.

Why TikTok is important for us marketing brans?

Tiktok is famous for its short videos of the entertainment world. But it has a lot more to us marketing.

They are using TikTok to endorse their brand and triple its marketing branding.  US famous brands like the Washington Post and chipotle use TikTok branding for their selling.

This was a huge opportunity for oracles that may lead its way in good terms with china’s opposition.

Oracle already has a history of having a precise relationship with the US government.

What promises will oracle have to fulfill?

The concerns are primarily over security and oracle has made it pretty clear that they will provide the best services and protection to all the operations and make the process safe for the users to connect within the countries as well. National security will be mandatory for all services to protect.

Microsoft broke the news on Sunday that the tiktoks partner bid is rejected although they had proposed a very good deal that could have been fruitful for many TikTok users.

Whereas another interested buyer is still not backing off as it is still on talked with TikTok owners. the Walmart partner of Microsoft. Also trying its best but so far oracle seems to win the race. It partnered with Microsoft to bid for the app which was very surprising for the users and software industries.

Since then the level has reached high in the stock market for oracle and has drastically fallen for Microsoft.

Although Microsoft was buying the application Oracle would be partnering with it

Partnering with the famous video app of millions of users could have benefited both rather than being sold out on a platform for once.

It has been reported that Oracle will be the trusted tech partner of TikTok

USA news today has confirmed the news that the new partner of TikTok would be the Oracle.

Tiktok has been bided the highest number of 50billion by the companies that have bided for the TikTok application.

Thus the cold war that started between the two countries has caused much of Dilemma. This deal was somehow important to have a rest and clear the air for some time. The tension and the trump ordering of the Chinese app were causing haphazardness in us industries, but hopefully, the best results are expected due to oracle partnership with TikTok.

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