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New YouTube Gestures Will Make Your Binge Even Better




In a new update on iOS and Android, YouTube gestures have been introduced along with a few other new features to ease your binge. There is nothing more relaxing than ending your day with a quick binge of YouTube videos when you go to bed after a long day. Sometimes we feel too sleepy to continue after one video; sometimes, the binge goes on for hours. Those late-night binges can feel awful when you finally realize it is 3 am, and you are just a few hours away from work. Since we are losing self-control to mobile apps like these, developers have added new ways to help us out.

The latest update has a reminder function that alerts you on prolonged use. I will talk more about it in the later sections. It is a good gesture by developers on YouTube because it shows they are not totally consumed by corporate greed. Instead, they recognize the importance of a balanced binge of their app.  Talking about gestures, YouTube gestures are the new main highlight of this update. Take better control of your viewing experience by navigating with more ease and comfort.

YouTube Gesture Control

Let us talk about the main YouTube gesture control added to the latest update. It is the Full-screen gesture. If you are tired of tapping the bottom right icon or annoyed by the auto-rotate full-screen motion that sometimes triggers on its own, there is a new option. Now you can simply swipe up on the playback section of the screen. Doing so will take you to the full-screen mode. The feature only works within the video tab’s playback area, so you don’t need to worry about mixing it up with the exit gestures introduced in the latest variations of both iOS and Android.

To exit the full-screen mode, simply swipe down on the video playback. The old button lovers need not to worry, however, because it is still very much present. But the gesture function makes this transition way more seamless than the button.

Playback Controls & Overlay Shortcuts

With YouTube gestures, there are some additional changes in the playback controls and overlay shortcuts. The Auto-play swipe button is now available right above your video playback in addition to being below as it was previously. Personally, I find the Auto-play button to be the most irritating feature as I don’t like to use this feature, but I accidentally turn it on quite often.

Now at least I won’t have to look all the way down to turn it off again when I unwillingly hop on a new video. The closed caption button has also made it out on the main playback screen instead of being hidden in the additional options and video settings. If you wish to turn the captions on-off now, you simply have to tap the button placed at the top right side of the video screen.

With the new YouTube gestures update, you can also swap between time remaining and time elapsed by simply tapping on the timestamp located at lower left. With all these decent changes, there is one that is not-so-decent. You can no longer click on a particular timestamp in a video, meaning you will have to hold and drag the timeline to the timestamp you want to view. The other option is to double-tap the right or left side of playback to change a few seconds.

The Chapters Menu

Though Chapters were introduced at the beginning of this year, the YouTube gestures update adds more to the feature. As discussed previously, you can’t tap a timestamp anymore, but you can tap into a specific chapter now. Tapping on a chapter’s name will open the chapters menu that is a list of all the chapters in the video. The user can then tap the chapter they wish to view. Smartphone users will benefit the most from this as they had to scrub to the chapters previously. It also replaces the ‘tap to a timestamp’ feature if video makers use the chapters’ system right.

Suggested Actions

Lastly, the YouTube gestures update also offers a new ‘suggested actions’ feature to prompt you on doing certain actions, i.e., suggestion to use a VR headset when watching a VR-supported video and setting up bedtime reminders to control your binge and improve sleeping. The Reminder feature is especially helpful as it will enable viewers to improve their sleep schedules by avoiding unnecessary binges. Of course, not everyone likes to be told what to do with their time in a day, but it is always nice to have such options.

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