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Next-Generation of Consoles: Pros & Cons for Release Day Purchase




Is there really a great reason to get the next-generation of consoles this holiday? An important question to think about as we head towards the release dates. Xbox Series X is a very powerful console, in fact, the most powerful among the two rivals. But it lost the charm of that anticipation as the big launch title Halo Infinite was delayed for further development. Do Xbox fans really need to get Xbox Series on release date? Well, looking at the cons, it is better to wait and watch out for any initial bugs in the early units as Xbox 360 has personified that previously.

Next Generation Consoles Games Series

But if you were an early buyer of the PlayStation 3, you got hardware baked in backward compatibility with PS1 and PS2. As far as where we sit now in 2020 with Series X and PS5, there are not a lot of next-generation games at launch, especially for Xbox consoles. There are games that are optimized for the Series X that will play and look great on PS5 as well. But it is a pretty short list of things for which you actually need one of these consoles. Microsoft just announced their launch line-up with 30 games.

That is a lot of games, but it is a mix of old and new titles, indie titles optimized for Series X. You have got Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which is a major AAA title that is going to look great on Series X. An example of older games is the Borderlands 3 which is optimized for the next-generation consoles; similarly there is Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and Fortnite. But at the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing that should compel you to buy an Xbox Series X at launch.

Things look a little bit better on the PlayStation 5. The question of whether it is worth it to jump into the next-generation of consoles, especially this year with all the strange financial circumstances that have caused people to maybe not have enough funds. You are going to be just okay if you have a last-generation console, at least for the foreseeable few months. Even into 2021, we are going to get big games like Horizon: Forbidden West across both generation PlayStation consoles.

When it comes to PS5, the first-party side of it, there are some games that are cross-generation like Spiderman Miles Morales and SackBoy: A Big Adventure but Destruction All-Stars and Demon Souls are just on PS5 at the moment from the first party publisher side.

There is also a better Astro’s Playroom, which is built-in, granted the PlayStation 4 launched with a mediocre built-in Playroom that many didn’t like. But Sony Japan later knocked it out of the park with Astrobot Rescue Mission from PlayStation VR, and Astro’s Playroom on PS5 is functionally a sequel to that. On the multiplatform side, Godfall is a console exclusive, which is also coming to PC, and then we have some cross-gen platform exclusives where you get into this weird territory with games like Pathless and Bugsnax that are on PS4, PS5, and PC but not on Xbox. So, if you are upgrading to a PS5, you are going to get really interesting experiences in the best way possible.

It really comes down to a lot of complicating factors like did you upgrade during this generation? If you are still on a launch PS4 or Xbox One, upgrading is going to go a long way. So, take that Xbox One X and PS4 Pro jump. The SSDs alone are worth the investment because they will make the games load much faster, making it a wonderful bonus on the next-generation of consoles.

The PS4 launch did not have a lot going for it, especially on the exclusive side. We had Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall that are not held as the gems of PS4 exclusive library anymore; every other big thing was either on PS3 or PS Vita as well. The PS4 also didn’t have backward compatibility. It makes it really exciting to see Sony making things better in a way they couldn’t last generation.

The next-generation of consoles is expensive, probably $500 for most people. Then if you really want to take full advantage of the new graphics capabilities of these consoles, there are some very specific features you need in a TV but not for Game Assassins Creed Valhalla Trailer . It could mean you also need to buy the latest TV on top of your console purchase.

The bottom line is, it is not necessary to purchase the next-generation of consoles at launch.

The pros include:

  1. Considerable performance leap
  2. Slightly better graphics and improved functionality.

 The cons are:

  1. Less new games at launch
  2. Increased prices of games, hitting your savings in the financial turmoil of 2020
  3. Necessary purchase of latest TV to fully enjoy console power.
  4. Multiplatform support for at least one more year

It clearly indicates that the cons outweigh the pros of an early purchase of the next-generation of consoles with hdmi 2.1. If you want to buy them now, you are more than welcome to do it. But if you don’t, there is absolutely nothing massive to feel like you are missing out.

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