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No Need to look for MS Office Free Product Key Anymore




In a world filling up with monthly streaming subscriptions, we finally do not need to look for MS office free product key anymore. Much like myself, if you have spent your student life wondering how you can avoid that MS Office subscription, then I have great news for you. MS Office is finally becoming free of the subscription curse that is prevailing right now. Microsoft just announced a subscription-less version of MS Office to be released in 2021. In the Exchange Team blog that was published on 22nd September, Microsoft expressed that a new perpetual release of Office is on the way for both MAC and Windows. It is the only information provided by the company as of yet. A perpetual version would mean that you can finally get MS office free as a student without relying on US NEWS BLOG THE NEWS ENGINE. Even for those in professional life, this is a gratifying step to break the endless billing cycle of the modern world.

Subscriptions, Subscriptions, Subscriptions

Microsoft Policy for MS Office Free Product Key

Whoever thought that innovation in technology and continuous progress of the modern world would lead us to a less complicated life can take a big L. Because we keep going the other way of a simple world. Today, we have Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Peacock, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, Adobe Creative Suite, Spotify, CBS All Access, and God knows how many other subscriptions to look out for if we want to take the maximum out of an experience. These are not the times when you purchase something once and get to keep it for life. Of course, that is still an option for some products (fingers crossed, it stays that way!). But the monthly billing cycle has just been expanding for the past decade. Microsoft has the same policy for MS Office free product key for Windows 10; it has a few subscription tiers that a user can choose from according to their needs. But with this new announcement, it finally seems like they understand how users are getting tired of monthly subscription plans.

MS Office Free Edition

The details of the subscription-less edition are yet to be revealed. Still, it will not be too surprising to see Microsoft Office free Word, Excel & PowerPoint with maybe a few features limited to paid versions from speculation and usage rate. You can also use MS office free even now if you have a Hotmail account. The important catch is that it will require you to be connected to the internet. Much like Google Docs, online MS office is free to use.

MS Office Free or Paid

There are also many Microsoft Office free edition downloads available over the internet and MS office free keys. But most of them either put you at risk of malware or get detected after a certain period. It gets very tedious to download and re-download the free versions because of the bugs associated with unverified versions. Thus, you never get the satisfaction of a smooth experience out of the free copies. If you are a student or educator, consult your institute’s IT department. Many educational institutes have MS Office 365 Education, which contains all office programs plus One Drive and Skype. It is basically MS Office free version for students. If your school or university has the membership, take advantage of it. Other than these two options, there are paid subscriptions.

The paid version comes in two forms, subscription tiers, and license. You get user access to MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and some other services in the few subscription tiers. If you don’t like the price points for these tiers, you can also get a $150 license grants you access to PowerPoint, Word, and Excel without the subscription. But you don’t get Skype and One Drive with the license.

Alternative for MS Office Free

The closest free alternative to MS Office is the online version. If you like the interface of MS office and have easy access to the web, make a Hotmail account, and use the programs online. The performance is best on Google Chrome. If you are looking for downloadable alternatives, we can suggest a few. Keep in mind that some of these will not meet the same quality and user-friendliness as the Microsoft version.

  1. LibreOffice:

It is open-source software with most of the same features and programs as MS Office, so it is arguably the best alternative. But because it is open-source, there is no dedicated assistance or support. LibreOffice is available on both Windows and MAC.

  1. Google Docs:

Personally, I don’t prefer Google Docs due to its interface. But it does work fine as an alternative. Note that Google Docs is also available for online web-based use.

  1. WPS Office:

Developed by Chinese company Kingsoft, WPS is compatible with all programs, extensions, and file types of Microsoft. All of its programs work very similar to MS Office. The version is available on both Windows and Linux.

  1. FreeOffice:

This is an entirely free downloadable alternative to MS Office with a very familiar layout. If you are used to the interface and functionality of MS Office, you will find Free Office to be an excellent substitute for the Microsoft version.

In a time when there is a rising trend of subscriptions, it is praise-worthy that Microsoft is not making its programs and development services totally subscription-based. Instead, the company is launching the subscription-less versions to make things easier for us. With the free version coming next year, you will hopefully no longer need to look up for the MS office free product key again.

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