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Non-Subscribers Can Now Enjoy Netflix Free Movies Online




Netflix has been in the online streaming business for over a decade now. The entertainment giant was the very first to offer an online subscription-based platform for streaming free movies and TV shows. Throughout the years, Netflix not only brought great content from third-party studios but also started its own production house.

Netflix has produced some of the best exclusive content for its website that continues to bring subscribers to the company.But due to the increasing competition, it seems that Netflix cannot rely on the quality of its content alone. In a struggle of deploying new marketing tactics, Netflix free trial just made a new move and it seems quite awesome for what it is offering.

Non-subscribers can now enjoy Netflix free online content and we are excited about it. Get all the latest updates on the free netflix content here on The News Engine.

This oldest streaming service has produced some of the best shows and movies like House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Haunting of Hill House, The Irishman, and Birdbox. As the quality content grew in popularity, the Netflix user base had a massive increase with 120 million subscribers present today. Interestingly, Netflix started as a VHS/DVD rental business in 1997. Things looked murky for the company in the early years because Blockbuster was ruling the movie rental business at that point. Hastings, the CEO of Netflix even tried to sell a 49% stake to Blockbuster looking for a way for the company to survive. But, Blockbuster turned him down not even once but thrice in the heat of their arrogance. Today, there is a huge following for Netflix watch online movies free whereas Blockbuster is left with merely one store left in Oregon.

It was not very unreasonable from Blockbuster’s point of view to reject Netflix because when this deal was under negotiation, online streaming seemed near impossible. Why? Because in the early 2000s, Americans had no idea of broadband and DSL. Everyone was using dial-up internet and usage had a limit. Moreover, brick and mortar organizations were highly underestimating the threat of evolving digital media technology.

Even Hastings himself was not quite sold on the idea of online streaming in those years as the technology was still not very well developed. Still, Netflix made the smartest move to get a head start on online streaming technology. According to Hastings, Netflix would have gone out of business if Blockbuster had jumped onto the idea of an online streaming platform before them.

However, after almost a decade, Netflix is finally facing strict competition as other major entertainment houses join the league. To name the obvious, Disney+, HBOmax, and Amazon Prime are bringing some of the best content out there. So, Netflix must strive once again to retain its position as the King of streaming services.

They know the importance of catching up very well as they witnessed the dying of Blockbuster first-hand. This is where a new marketing strategy by Netflix has appeared on the horizon. And mind you, this year has already been quite successful for the company as home stuck people have an increased number of subscriptions for the company.

Netflix has been using various forms of soft marketing tactics to attract non-subscribers. Most known is the 1-month trial that lets you stream for free for 30 days and then prompts to the subscription purchase page.

It also usually uploads some of its content on YouTube, recently Netflix new movies made all episodes of Patriot Act available on YouTube. It also made ‘Bard of Blood’ free for Indian viewers as the show is based in India. Similarly, Netflix is testing new strategies in India such as making the subscription cheaper for the first few months.

The latest promotional initiative by the streaming leader is an arrangement of a series of free content. It includes first episodes of popular Netflix original shows like Stranger Things, Elite, Boss Baby Back in Business, When They See Us, and Grace & Frankie. Having one episode isn’t great but you can’t argue the price.

Hit movies like Bird Box is also available for a free watch. This initiative is gaining a lot of attention from non-subscribers as there is no catch in this one except 30 seconds ads that are skippable by the way.

It is yet to be seen if this is a temporary campaign or a permanent feature. Also, we don’t know yet if the free content will keep on changing or remain the same. Netflix keeps proving that it still has a strong foot in the industry with such activities. As the competition is increasing, bold steps like these show that the company is ready to face any challenges. Read More Stories at News USA Summary

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