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North Texas & A Tornado; Inches Apart, Severe Storm Hit Different Parts of State




A severe weather storm hit North Texas damaging different parts of Dallas, Tarrant, Denton Counties, and their outskirts, on Tuesday night November 24, 2020, could also be seen on radar. Warning alarms were kept on for the whole evening alerting people to seek better weather storm arrangements, reportedly. According to the state fire department, more than 7 roofs were collapsed in Haslet, Eastern part of Dallas but no causality was reported. The tornado is still not gone completely but the severity of it has been come down on the scale. The Tornado winds were of velocity 79 miles per hour and 78 miles per hour while passing through Dallas and Arlington respectively.

The storms were moving from northwest to southeast at a velocity of 50 miles per hour and should be out of the area by 20:00hrs.

Heavy Rainfall Expected After Severe Storm !!

Despite Tornado warnings and continuous storm alert alarms, some people were seen buying hamburgers on 2500 block S. Cooper Street when the storm hit the truck and a nearby apartment. Fortunately, no human was harmed.

According to the weather department, The severity of the storm is come down on scale but continuous rainfall is expected in the state resulting in about 1 to 2 inches of rain.

The tornado wave is traveling in a forward slash “/” manner throughout North Texas, damaging a lot of area between N20 and N30, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton Counties, and their outskirts further going straight to hit the eastern parts of North Texas.

Around 2100 hrs The National Meteorological Service reported that the Krum Fire Department had measured the storm winds blew at 65 miles per hour near the junction of freeways 380 and 156.

How Covid-19 Is A Factor In Unexpected Weather Severities?

According to experts, Climate Change due to COVID-19 has been a factor in unexpected weather changes all around the world. Some believe that the climate is healing itself and it is a way of nature to say “Enough is Enough” and this tornado and storm in North Texas is also one of them.

Since the big weather storm hit the state last night on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the Arlington Fire Department along with Arlington Police Department has been working on its toes to help the community and has answered the causality calls as much as they could. Arlington Fire Department has told the news that some buildings were partial while some were completely collapsed as a result of the severe storm hit the city, and their frontline warriors were trying their level best to avoid any causality and save things from damage as much as they could.

According to their official Twitter handle;

All of North Texas is still under the warning of severe storms and rainfall especially Dallas, Tarrant, and Denton Counties, but the alarms are going off gradually. We request people to kindly stay at home and sort things out with available resources since going out is still a danger as it already was due to Covid-19 and now this severe tornado and weather storm conditions played the role of plum on a pudding.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Damage reported in Arlington after tornado sirens sound across area
Damage reported in Arlington after tornado sirens sound across area
The tornado wave is traveling in a forward slash manner throughout North Texas, damaging a lot of area between N20 and N30, Denton Counties
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