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Now You Can Shop on WhatsApp




Are you an avid user of WhatsApp but feel like they haven’t done much for business accounts? Well, now you can shop on WhatsApp directly with the new update rolling out soon. Facebook has not shared details on the upcoming feature in its statement, but there is a video illustration of how the transactions will be carried out. The customer can contact the business for catalogue request. The user can then open the link and purchase the products of their interest instead of just getting a good look at them.

Whats App Business Account

Adding the items to your cart, you can then checkout like from an online shopping website. Currently, WhatsApp has a business account app and catalogue feature where you can post menus and catalogs of your products, but there is no direct option for purchase. If you want to buy something you must contact the seller. Facebook has been working on the expansion of its e-commerce features across all the apps. The Facebook catalogue is a feature that allows business managers to create catalogs for their products across Instagram and Facebook. Now it would not make much sense if they did not transfer those features to shop on WhatsApp as well.

The company began testing Facebook Pay on WhatsApp in Brazil at the start of this year. So, it is presumed that Facebook Pay will be the key method for making transactions on the world-famous chatting application. However, the testing in Brazil was halted by the Brazilian Central Bank as they took issue with its methods. Facebook says that it has plans to bring the feature to all users in the future regardless.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team are playing big time to become the day-to-day partner with medium and small businesses that work online to reach a broader purchasers base. The messaging app has about 175 million users and 50 million businesses registered, which is the significant reason Facebook has made this pitch. In addition to the option to make transactions, WhatsApp is also making two other big additions for the business users. These are the options to shop on WhatsApp and reach customer service.

WhatsApp Business Services

This year’s pandemic has proved the importance of having a robust digital medium to conduct businesses more than anything. The company revealed on its official website that customers are more likely to purchase a product when they reach out to business accounts on the WhatsApp business app. With the new update, WhatsApp will improve product catalogs and include an ‘add to cart’ feature and Facebook Pay for direct transactions. Then there is Facebook Hosting Service, which will help manage customer communications who wants to shop on WhatsApp, as the sellers can host their business activities.

How to Shop on WhatsApp

This all comes at a cost, though. Up to this point, WhatsApp has been a totally free service, whether it is a normal account or business account. Now business account holders will be charged money for some of the features. WhatsApp calls this a step of personal growth along with the success of other businesses that benefit from users that shop on WhatsApp. This has been a long road for Facebook, but they are finally on the verge of it. The official name of the payment method is not revealed yet, but many were speculating it to be WhatsApp pay. It sounds fitting as the company tries to bring online payment into the chat-flow of the most popular texting application.

WhatsApp business is still a relatively small product in most parts of the world except in Brazil and India. It is reasonable to see this strategy coming from Facebook to expand its tools that can boost the functionality and unlock the maximum potential of WhatsApp business in regions beyond the two mentioned above. The pandemic has brought all the more reason for Facebook that has already been targeting small businesses. Business owners today are more likely to connect to customers through social media instead of their official websites, and the company knows this very well. Let us see how this new feature changes the e-commerce industry as users shop on WhatsApp.

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