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Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken Tips and Tricks!




The most popular game played on redemption cabinets cleverly supports 4, 6, 8, and 10 players at the same time- The Ocean King 3. Now it has launched many of the latest games in its series such as Turtles Revenge fish hunter game and Dragon Power. There are also three other series Monster Awaken,

Crab Avengers and Mermaids Legends. The latest from this is Dragon Power that offers improved features to the players. The difficulty level gets up by Level 26, more feature fish and boss characters, and increased hopper speed of 10ms is now available. This fish hunting series has gained enormous popularity in no time. It keeps on introducing newly improved and high quality. So, it’s time to get more professional and expert in playing the game. This can happen only when know all the Ocean King 3 Tips and Tricks suggested by the professionals.


The article below will let you know how to play the game if you haven’t played the game ever before. Or get the Ocean King 3 game for your PC from the links given below. We assure you that the tips and trick we are going to tell you is never revealed at any other site.

How to win Ocean King 3 online real money?

Have you played the fish hunting game online several times but never been a champion? Or does it happen so that you don’t get bigger rewards in the play? Thus, do you want to give a turn to your destiny for the next fish hunting game? If the answer in your mind is yes, then follow the incredible interesting Ocean King online real money tips below!

Select the right game:

You are advised to choose that game that has a beautiful interface, interactive sounds, and an intensively attractive reward mechanism. Ocean King 2, Ocean King 3, King of Treasure, monster revenger, etc. are such provides that have all the excellent features. Thus, it will help be more evolved and interest in the game.


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Gather points of all types:

No reward is bigger or smaller, all together will be beneficial. So, never even miss a single point too. Another, secret to remember is that fishes with more time are difficult to get, so it is easy to gather small fish. Focus on gathering more rather than larger.

Examine the speed of the fish:

Most people do not notice that different sized fishes have various speed with which they move. So, small fishes moving at slow speed are easy to target than large wishes. However, never apply this strategy to sharks and arowanas. As they gather you a lot of bullets so never miss them.

Shoot at the head of fish:

Be clever and shoot the fish at the right time. Fishes are very strong when they are out. Consequently, when the fishes enter the swarm it is effective4 to shoot them. Thus, it is advised to wait for them to enter the swarm. And then shoot the piles of fishes in the swarm.

Avoid hitting hidden fishes:

No doubt the reward for shooting the hidden fishes is about 20-30%. This reward attracts most of the players. However, most of the time players miss the target. Thus, it is preferred to hunt the fishes that are visible and have a larger bonus.

Hunt big fishes when you enough fishes:

Big fishes mostly require large bullet usually No 7 bullets to be knocked down. So, if you have the specific bullet you then only target the big fishes which will be beneficial for you.

10 Ocean King 3 hacks to dominate:

As one of the most popular games, these days is Ocean King. Moreover, it is seen that many players in the game are not able to be satisfied with the rules and conquer the challenges of the games. Therefore, here are the top 10 Ocean King 3 hacks to become the greatest hunter in the ocean.

Aim the Gold and Dark Green Creatures:

You might have observed a frog with gold or in a color that is higher tone green very black to appear. Whereas, when the frogs have a short life, they are appearing more and are more valuable. Similarly, when fishes color appears about to die, it will be a super jackpot for the player.

  • Hunt the fishes in a row:

To save our coins from getting wasted, it is best to shoot the consecutive fish correctly. So, never be in a hurry while shooting, as it would decrease your coins as fast as you shoot fish correctly.

  • Wisely use a bullet:

Bullets are the resources that would keep you going in the game. So, think wisely while using bullet mostly when there are plenty of chances to hit and gain huge profit.

  • Regulation of Coins:

Professionals who mostly meet victory regulate their coins very carefully. They mostly avoid wasting coins on small fishes. And they try to shoot slowly. Another best tip to follow is to shoot a fish that is near and then catch a fish that would release electric shock. The benefit of the electric fish is that it stings the other fishes and gives players a lot of coins.

  • Ocean King lightning Chain:

This feature asks you to link connect as many fishes as possible. The fishes that fall in this category are Clown Fish, Snapper, fugu, Butterflyfish, Lionfish, Lobster, Flounder, and Octopus. The player of the game wins more points for the number of different fish that links at once.

  • Ocean King Hurricane Fish:

This the feature in which you get a twister fish that will get power and capture the fishes around it as well. However, all the fishes don’t have this feature. Here are those fishes that follow this feature: Devilfish, Shark, Killer Whales, Bomb Crabs, and Humpback Whales.

  • More bets often bring more benefits:

There are a lot of benefits to High bets. They give big support in reaching the target more often. Another principle is that the more the wager is the more is the chances of winning. For instance, 2-3 shots in 50 cents or higher than this consequently results better than lower bets.

  • Various Function:

Different tables are featured with different types of fishes. As in those tables with lower bets will have King Whales and other marine animals appear. Whereas, some times the king whale appear for the values of x100 everywhere or of the value x70 that is based on the table and place. Thus, the players should have their minds that they should use their wages to save money and multiply the profit.

  • Practice makes you perfect:

The more you play will make more professional and expert in the game. There are also many tricks that you would learn with time and practice.

Ocean king 3 game download:

The great demand and love of people for the Ocean King 3 game forced the company to launch its application for PCs. So, if you cannot afford the whole set up still you can enjoy the game at your home. So, hurry to get started with Ocean King 3 and be the best hunter in the theme oceans. Here is the link to start downloading


Play Ocean King 3 online free:

It is completely free for a single player exclusively at the site of Ocean King 3. You will also get to know where can you get the new versions. Also, an overview of the new features of the game. Thus, no problem even if you are not able to download the application. You can play it for free on the website.

However, this is enough to build the potential to play the game or at least watch a featuring video. If you have once played the game or watched the video, then the next curiosity poking you would be to learn the Ocean King 3 tips and tricks. So, that you be an expert and most clever hunter to defeat all your friends. You can also gather the contribution to buy the whole machine or table to play personally any time. Check out the latest and best gaming products at the official site of Ali Baba today:

Ocean King 3 : Dragon Power offers numerous new highlights including all new Power ups.

These weapons arbitrarily skim into the field. Assault them to deliver their extraordinary forces. These Power ups include:

Emperor Crab

Numerous crabs to assault the fish with a lightning assault.

Almighty Octopus

The limbs of the Almighty Octopus seem to assault the fish.

Fire Dragon Turtle

The Fire Dragon Turtle will detonate on numerous occasions assaulting the fish.

Darkness Monster

Request seven floods of goliath Lantern Fish to assault the fish.

Ancient Crocodile

Request floods of goliath crocodiles to assault the fish.

Flaming Dragon- Power Up

Bring seven floods of 4 mythical beasts to assault the fish.

The Fishes

There are 28 Fish characters in Ocean King 3 : Turtles Revenge , including:

Flying Fish, Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, Fugu, Lionfish, Flatfish, Lobster, Spearfish, Octopus,
Lantern Fish, Sea Turtle, Saw Shark, Devilfish, Jumbo Fish, Super Bomb Crab, Laser Crab,
Drill Crab, Roulette Crab, Shark, Killer Whale, Imperial Whale, Blazing Dragon, Fire Dragon Turtle – Power Up,
Almighty Octopus – Power Up, Emperor Crab – Power Up, Darkness Monster – Power Up, Ancient Crocodile – Power Up, Flaming Dragon – Power Up and Thunder Dragon – Power Up.


Almighty Octopus


Fire Dragon Turtle


Darkness Monster


Flamin Dragon


Ancient Crocodile


Emperor Crab

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