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Patty Mayo TV is Doing What Other YouTubers are Not




There are all kinds of content available on YouTube right now. Millions of videos and channels, but Patty Mayo TV is doing what other YouTubers are not. Helmed by YouTuber says who is Patty Mayo, Patty Mayo TV is dedicated to catching convicts who miss out there bail hearings. It is a group of self-proclaimed bounty hunters that go out on risky adventures while recording all the action. Making videos is one part; the act itself is targeted towards keeping track of the people who are under trial. The team gears up, search for the felon, and bring them to justice. It is a very honourable initiative that deserves praise. Patty Mayo spices things up even further by making sure everybody on the team is wearing body cams and taking a camera with them to the locations they raid. This idea gives rise to many adrenaline-pumping episodes on Patty Mayo TV. It is the reason his channel has garnered so many subscribers over the years. Thanks to this explosive popularity, Patty Mayo has become one of the most renowned YouTubers. People are interested in not only the content he produces but his real name, personal life, his age, his family, his income, and even his taste in music. Considering the work he is doing, his fame makes much more sense than many others who have achieved huge fan followings just by making meaningless comedies.

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Southland Bounty Hunters TV Series

Today we will look at the rarely talked about the background of Patty Mayo TV. Who is Patty Mayo, and why does he do what he does. Risking your life catching potential criminals for videos feels a bit too much after all. Despite how distinct the work of this Youtuber is today, he started from the very same kind of videos we see from casual channels. He would often post his daily life documentaries or do prank videos. In fact, his fame didn’t begin from the bounty hunt episodes but from his prank vlog titled “Picking Up Hot and Sexy California Girls with a Massage.” It doesn’t feel as poetic as the carrier of the justice beacon I know. But the video earned him more than 15 million views and became his most video ever. This is where a ‘kudos’ to the guy is important, in my opinion.

Patty Mayo’s most recent video titled “Arrested playing Fortnite” was a very clever title, but the video showed more than that. It opens with the usual sponsorship then proceeds to the shot of a convict’s location. The crew is seen wearing body cams and silently closing the distance between them and the house. They check all the exists from where an escape is possible first, then enter the house and arrest the convict who is seen playing Fortnite. It was a young black man who was accused of sexual assault and missed his pending bail hearing. Thankfully, he was very cooperative and complied with all the instructions by the crew. It is also praiseworthy that Patty Mayo dealt with him in a very civilized and respectful manner. It was refreshing to watch armed personnel to be so courteous with a potential criminal.

He was doing great with his prank videos, and he could continue to create that kind of content very easily as he was good at it. But he chose to opt-out of it and came up with the idea of helping out the law enforces in ensuring the convicts face their trials on time. It is a meaningful and wholesome change of direction that I really appreciate. Patty Mayo real name is Patrick Thomas. Thomas was born in Boston, Massachusetts but later moved to California for a full-time career in YouTube, quitting his job. Patty Mayo age is 33 years now, and he is working really hard in maintaining his bounty hunter show. He has already opened a premium subscription offer for hardcore fans.

In the premium subscription, Patrick Thomas offers features like early access and an patty mayo uncensored version of the episodes. Patty Mayo wife is not Kayla Pillar, contrary to what you will hear as a rumor by many people. They are in a very strong relationship, though, and it is going well. Thomas also has a daughter from one of his previous relationships. The 33-year-old YouTube star doesn’t express any intentions of getting married yet, but we expect it to happen any time considering his relationship progress.

American Live Reality Show Southland Bounty Hunters

The show Southland Bounty Hunters aired in May, 2017 as a scripted reality show in which Patty Mayo and his partners like Shaundra, Bounty Hunter D, AT, and Big E would capture the criminals on loose. The high action and the way the show is shot to look real is what helped it achieve immense popularity.

Despite how much fame it got, the show ended in the month of December in 2019. This decision was made in light of Thomas’s dream to catch real fugitives that are on bond across the US in Southland Bounty Hunters II.

It was also when he started facing criticism as the real life documentation was not half as thrilling for most fans. After all, you would only have to use tear gas, tasers and a lot of ass kicking in extremely unique situations in real life.

Patty Mayo Demand is High

As a result, Patty Mayo returned to the improve episodes due to high demand. However, he stopped for a break in the beginning of 2020 and returned on the month of July. Now he is shooting two shows simultaneously, one is the Southland Bounty Hunters and other is a documentary of his life called “Becoming the Seamen.”

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