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MAC vs PC Laptop Pros and Cons – A Guide For Students




Here we go, blowing the wind with an age-old question of choice between PC vs MAC laptop. Before we began, I want to clarify that a MAC operating device can be PC, too. Still, here we are adhering to the common tongue where ‘Personal Computer’ is a term used most frequently for computers with Microsoft Windows-based operating system. The systems serve the same functions but are distinctly different from each other in the way they go about it. In all honesty, for a student’s needs, no one is better than the other. Both can be sufficiently helpful in performing the daily tasks ranging from simpler ones to more complex.  It really depends on whatever platform you like the best to make this choice.

Additionally, let’s take a minute to clarify another misconception. As stated earlier, a MAC-based digital school system can be a PC, too, as MAC can run the Windows operating system, but the opposite is not possible. At least through humble ways.

Considering the above argument, I strongly recommended that you go for an Apple device if you are stuck between choosing the right operating system. Then try both one by one and evaluate which OS serves your needs best and more comfortable to control for you. However, the major downside of going with an Apple device is that you will have to pay ‘Apple Tax.’ This is applicable for you even if you have a student discount. So, overall it is a more costly choice between the two. Whereas, you will have to spend less on a Windows only laptop that is just as fast but cheaper. It will not look as slick as the world-famous Apple brand for sure, but it will go much easier on your wallet. It is also worth mentioning that many universities have Windows-compatible software’s because of cheaper licenses.

If you are purchasing an Apple laptop, you will also have to suffer on the performance over time. Apple is not very generous with system upgrades when compared to Microsoft. Even as you go with the updates, it will be more expensive. So, if you want to stick with a long-term device, a PC is a better option than a MAC laptop. There are budget laptops, ultrabooks, and gaming laptops that are only Windows laptops with upgrades available. Thus, you can advance your device in the four years of your university life. You can also make a much better decision if you consult with the IT department of your institute. Going for the operating system that is generally used in the university will be very efficient.

PC vs. MAC Gaming Laptop:

If you are a gamer, MAC will not be your best bet at playing video games as you come back to your room to blow off some steam after a long day. Many gaming laptops support the Windows operating system, but there are no high-end dedicated Apple devices that run the latest games.

I know all the discussion so far has been in favor of Windows. But it is not how it looks. Windows laptops have their fair share of flaws as well. The PC for college gaming vs. MAC pros and cons are a thing of self-consideration and an individual’s best interest. Still among the prominent annoying features in Windows is the lack of efficient tech support. The tech support at Apple, however, is praise-worthy. You can communicate quickly and easily with an Apple representative if you have any problem, but the same is not the case for Windows-based laptops. The major inconveniences with non-Apple laptops are the multiple phone calls and shipping the system by yourself. Not to mention the nightmare of troubleshooting a Windows system.

PC vs. MAC laptop for College/University:

Both the devices are pretty interchangeable nowadays. But that is not the advice you are looking for, right? To make it more clear, let me tell you that I have both the systems and use MAC laptops when I am more focused on working, whereas when I am having a more leisure time when I can game and relax, I use a Windows laptop. What you should take away from here is that it really depends on your lifestyle and preferences. If you enjoy brand identification and overall seamless experience, go for MAC gaming laptop. If you are a gamer or looking for a more budget device that you want to keep with you for a longer duration, choose a Windows-based laptop. So, what you really need is to understand your primary needs and what platform supports them the best.

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