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PlayStation Ghost of Tsushima Is Going Mythical Online Route Soon




If you haven’t read it yet, I have great news for you PlayStation’s Ghost of Tsushima fans! The game’s online feature is called “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends,” and it comes with the much-awaited New Game+ mode for the single player campaign. This update is called version 1.1 and it will be released on October 16th. PS4 Ghost of Tsushima was released back in July 2020 and immediately won everyone’s hearts with its gripping combat and gorgeous open-world. That is in spite of it being already one of the most highly-anticipated PS4 exclusives. Developer team Sucker Punch outdid themselves at most of the aspects like art design, the fluidity of combat, heartwarming story moments, and amazing soundtracks. Considering the developer’s track record, fun gameplay from them is rightfully expected because they have provided us with plenty of that in the Infamous and Sly Cooper series. Still, it was a challenging task to bring the same joy in slashing Mongols in a war setting. It served as a much-needed change of pace after The Last of Us’ guilt inducing combat system (a vision I totally respect too).

Ghost of Tsushima Listened to Reddit:

The new update is packed with some great new things that I will unfold as we go further but there is one feature in particular that interested me the most. The CUSTOM GEAR LOADOUT SYSTEM is now added to the main game. At the initial release, one of the biggest pet peeves discussed on Ghost of Tsushima Reddit was the lack of custom gear loadout. It was inconvenient to change each gear every single time the player thought about switching to a different approach to take on the enemies. Thankfully, the developers ‘read it and included that feature in the PlayStation’s Ghost of Tsushima update 1.1. It shows the developers care about fans and the sustainability of the game.

PlayStation Ghost of Tsushima Legends Update

The online mode for PlayStation’s Ghost of Tsushima game is titled ‘Legends.’ The online multiplayer game mode will be added as a free update, and game owners with PS Plus membership can play it on October 16th. Multiplayer has three main mission types:

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Story Missions: Two players will jump into the online story mode that will explore the lore of Tsushima Island in further detail. The difficulty will be increased, and enemies will be more formidable. Completing Story Mission will unlock new rewards that can be cosmetic or enhance your abilities, i.e., charms.

Survival Missions:

This is a typical enemy wave encounter. Four players will team up against hordes of enemies as they defend various locations in Tsushima. This mode will also feature new abilities like “summon a spirit bear” and “ignite enemies.”

Raid mode:

Not much was explained about this mode in the trailer, but PlayStation blog has some details. This mode will take place in a setting called Iyo’s realm, where a 4-players team will have to survive via a three-part adventure. It emphasizes on strong teamwork and communication.

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Other new features in the Legends mode include emotes, new masks, and armor.

Singleplayer Campaign Updates:

Besides New Game+ and custom gear loadout, new charms, new higher difficulty, weapons upgrade, new armors, and Ghost Flower merchant are coming to the singleplayer campaign mode of PlayStation’s Ghost of Tsushima. The ghost flowers can be obtained when the player receives a charm that is already present in their inventory. The player can purchase new armor dyes and vanity gear by exchanging the Ghost flowers with this mysterious new merchant. Also, a separate section for new game+ trophies has been added in the update.

Ghost of Tsushima coming to PS5?

Ghost of Tsushima PS5 version hasn’t officially been announced yet, but Sony confirmed that both latest exclusives The Last of Us Part 2 as well as Ghost of Tsushima would be forward compatible. We don’t know the exact performance details, but we will hopefully get to explore the vast lush valleys of Tsushima Island in 60fps glory.

Ghost of Tsushima Engine made from scratch?

No, this is another rumor spread on the internet, the Ghost of Tsushima engine is the Unreal Engine 5. There is no new engine built from the ground up. The game is optimized to perfection, though, as the frame rates don’t dip, and loading times are faster than flash.

PC Release Date

Sorry PC fans, Ghost of Tsushima Xbox One and Ghost of Tsushima PC release and date are out of the question for now. Maybe at one point, it will be a reality like Horizon Zero Dawn. But for now, it is just PlayStation’s Ghost of Tsushima.

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