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Price Reveals & Pre-Orders – Sony Flexes in the Latest PS5 Event




Latest PS5 – Overview

On September 16th, Sony held a live streaming show for its upcoming next-generation console ‘Playstation 5’. After Microsoft revealed the price and pre-orders date of Xbox Series X and S last week, fans anticipated that Sony would soon follow up with a response. A long wait on the details related to the prices and release had made everyone quite anxious at this point, so a timely move was more than necessary for Sony. As expected, Sony announced a PS5 reveal event for September 16th, and twitter started flooding with predictions on major titles reveal and price speculations. The event delivered on the anticipation with a satisfying line-up of next-gen exclusives and non-exclusive titles and announced the prices and release date in the last few minutes. And of course, how can we forget about that one minute of God of War sequel announcement that raised our heartbeats. That was a cherry on the cake by Sony as they closed the event. If you are wondering how to watch the PS5 event, go to YouTube now, and you can check out plenty of HD recorded streams.

Price & Pre-Orders

Ahh, we are finally living in a time where we know the prices of all the next-generation consoles. The PS5 price and pre-order details are here, and they fall well within the early speculations. The price for PS5 digital is $399.99, and the standard edition costs $499.99. The pre-orders went live the following midnight as the official release date is November 12th for the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. The worldwide release will take place a few days later on November 19th. You might want to rush to pre-order sites because the demand is surging, and some websites have already reached their limit.

So far, the pre-orders are reportedly causing chaos in the online stores. Retailers have opened the pre-orders early to capitalize on surging demand. Walmart announced a day early start of pre-orders right after the PS5 event stream. GameSpot triggered DDos protection blocking out many buyers. People are also losing pre-orders in the check-out process, so type that payment information very quickly. Though Sony warned fans of the pre-release purchase challenges, they also promised to inform us of the pre-orders date in advance notice, as you can see in an interview between Geoff Keighly and Sony Playstation Worldwide Marketing Head Eric Lempel. That statement makes little to no sense now.

PS5 Event Games List

Although there were not many surprise announcements, the stream gave us a more in-depth look at the most anticipated games. Among the best reveals was Hogwarts Legacy, an action RPG set in the Harry Potter Universe in the 1800s. From its looks, you can choose your character and explore Hogwarts’ ins and outs as you go on your adventure. From fantastic beasts to nostalgic landmarks, this game feels like a dream come true for Harry Potter fans. The game scheduled for a 2021 release window.

Spider-man Miles Morales was the show’s highlight as developer Insomniac Games showcased a fantastic demo of their upcoming PS5 launch title. The action sequences were filled with thrilling moments, and the reflective surfaces from Mile’s suit to the wet winter roads sold the ray-tracing feature. We are excited to get our hands on Spider-man Miles Morales.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War showcased its action-packed campaign mode. A Call of Duty trailer and things do not blow up? No way, right?  The adrenaline pumping runway sequence of the campaign mode once again delivered on that tradition. Death loop also made it to the event, and its gameplay gave us more details on the objective and lore of the game with a quarter two release window in 2021. The game’s art style is very distinct, and the premise and game-play look like a child of Edge of Tomorrow and Wolfenstein with 70s vibes thrown in the mix. Resident Evil VIII game-play, Odd world Soul storm, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Demon Souls Remake, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, and Fortnight also made it to the show.

At the end of the PS5 event stream, a major Sony exclusive announcement took us all off-guard. Yes, the most anticipated sequel to God of War Reboot (2018) is happening and soon! The one-minute announcement trailer barely showed us a glimpse of the title with the glorious theme music and ended with the 2021 release window. The fans are cheering with joy as we get Horizon Forbidden West and God of War sequel in the same year.

Is Sony Winning the Next-Gen Race?

Sony is clearly ahead of Microsoft in the next-generation race as the PS5 digital edition comes in $100

Under Xbox Series X and the line-up of games is likely to make consumers gravitate more towards PlayStation. If the previous generation has proved anything, games are the biggest selling point for most gamer; console power comes second. Not long now to see how it turns out as the release dates approach us soon. This was all from the latest PS5 event.

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