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Privacy Policy:

What is The News Engine?

If you want to get to know more about us. You can visit our website and read about us. You will get to know everything who we are.

What personal data we collect and the reason behind it?


We collect the comments from our visitors. The statements and views of our customers are very precious for us. Just avoid any spam commenting. The personal information that we collect includes name, phone number, email address, and technical and usage information. From the technical and usage information, we come to know about the device identifier, your IP address, browser type, how you are using and navigating from our site, and what all you have clicked on our website. We consider all this information collectively in the term of Privacy Policy as “Information.” After collecting all this information, your comment has proceeded towards the approval. If our system finds it technically correct. Then it is approved, and your comment is visible to the general public with your profile name and photo.

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Cookies saved for one year:

When you are writing the comment on our website, you are provided with an option to save your details on the websites’ cookies. We offer you this facility so that you do not need to feel long forms again and again when you want to comment on the site. The details filled in the website cookies are saved for a period of one year.

If you just simply visit our login page. Then also a pop-up message appears on the screen to accept cookies. These cookies will not save any of your personal details. It just contains your general visiting history. And this is a temporary type of cookies. It is deleted as soon as you exit your browser.

When you are login into the website, you make the selection of several different options and settings. Moreover, you also customize the display settings also. Your login history and details last on the website for two days. And the cookies opted for the screen are saved for a year. Furthermore, if you have selected the option of “ Remember Me,” then your sign in details last for two weeks with the company. When you sign out from the website, all the details are removed at the same movement.

Suppose you wish to edit or post an article. We have another cookie for this purpose. This cookie does not save any kind of your personal details. They just collect your profile ID and the article you have written or modified. Besides, these are concise term cookies that only last for a day.

Submerged Content for other websites:

The information and articles on this website may contain some submerged data from other sites. This is in the form of pictures, videos, articles, or some phrases. Exploring the submerged content on our website is the same as visiting the other website pages. Another website’s submerged content may collect data about you and access the cookies only if you have signed in to that website.

Who can view your details and how long is it visible?

We collect some personal details from your side. So, we check and verify the comments and follow up with you for more reviews. Moreover, the system can review and acknowledge the comment automatically. Thus, your thoughts do not wait long in a queue to be approved.

You can create your profile on our website. The profile that you create on our website collects personal information such as name, age, mobile number, email address, etc. You can customize according to your choice who can read your profile. In addition, you can see, edit, and delete the information and details that whenever you want. You can hide your details from the general public, but our website administrators and operators can still view and edit the data also.

What rights and security we ensure of your data?

Our system is highly secured and safe. Your personal data that you have saved on the website will not go to an unauthorized person until and unless you provide the access. You are free to ask us to erase all the data present with us. Thus, this ensures the best admin security and protects the legal rights of humanity. When you post, your comment is also tested and approved by the automated spam detection services.