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PS5 Launch Day Units Not Coming to Retail Stores!




To all my fellow console gamers, I have sad news for you. PS5 launch day units are not coming to retail stores on November 12th & November 19th. Sony announced last night that all the PS5 launch date for day units would be sold online only. This change was made due to health & safety concerns amidst the on-going pandemic. Suppose you are among those who did not manage to get a pre-order and decided to camp outside the retail chains on launch day to grab your PlayStation 5, sorry, my friend.

The announcement has come very close to the release date, and it has many fans furious over Sony’s decision. It is because almost all the purchase sites currently display an ‘out of stock’ message when users attempt to pre-order. The news was revealed on the PlayStation Blog, and Sony points to the interest of keeping its gamers, retailers, and staff safe during the Covid-19 threat.

If you already pre-ordered a PS5 launch game, you will be able to pick it up in-person. If you have yet to secure a pre-order, you will, unfortunately, be out of luck on the launch day in the hope that you will find one in store. It is not exactly clear at this point if this means that physical retailers ever had PS5s to sell in-person, and if they did, it would now be available day one when the lunch day comes.

PS5 Launch News Update 2020

This news comes at the same time when Sony revealed another discouraging news related to the display range. If you have a 1440p gaming monitor and you were dreaming of an ultra-HD preview of PS5 games, you need to bring your hopes yet again down.

ps 5

PS5 apparently won’t support a native 1440p resolution as revealed by IGN Italy that received official confirmation from Sony Europe this Wednesday. What this means is that the PS5 launch news update will not have the intended resolution of the set, but it will likely upscale from 1080p to compensate. The PS5 can output a max 8K resolution and 4K at 120 fps.

It will be fine at 1080p resolution, too, but the in-between resolution used by a lot of gaming monitors seemingly won’t be supported by the new console at launch.

You can still keep refreshing those pages on launch day to test your luck. If you manage to get your unit, great for you! But don’t wait for those Black Friday deals because firstly, you won’t find a good discount (if you find one at all) on a brand new console; secondly, the console units will be all sold out due to the high demand.

You can still enjoy Black Friday discounts on next-generation games and console accessories. There will be awesome discounts on the gift cards as well but don’t expect any discounts on the console itself just after the PS5 launch.

ps5 1

Sony fans are frustrated over the launch difficulties on the highly anticipated gaming console. But these are unprecedented times, and things can’t go the same way they did back when previous generation consoles were launched. Those were great days when all those hyped PlayStation fans would gather outside the retail stores; some would even camp all night to beat others for that fresh box of gaming glory.

But 2020 is a whole different story; nothing this year has gone according to the normal expectations, so it would have been weird to see a smooth launch for Sony’s next-generation console. In time, we will hopefully all get our hands on the PlayStation 5, whether it is the PS5 launch day or a couple of months on top.

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