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PS5 Official Trailer Flaunts Next-Gen Capabilities Again




Sony PlayStation has become the largest most successful brand for the tech company in the past two decades. Ever since the popularity of PlayStation 2, Sony has put great attention to this particular product line. PlayStation 4 is their most recent gaming console available in the market and it is doing exceptionally well in terms of sales. This has made the brand a crowned king in the Sony family so naturally; they will put a lot of attention and care to its continuity.

PS5 Official Trailer Flaunts Next-Gen Capabilities Again3

To this day, Sony has produced four Play Stations and each generation has an average lifespan of 7 years. The current console PS4 was released way back in 2013, making this year the right time for the release of their next-generation console. PS5 is set for a Holiday 2020 release window and Sony is making us very hyped with their marketing new official trailer flaunts next-gen capabilities again but we still have no information on the price.

New Console Update September 1st

A new trailer for Sony’s new console was released on September 1st, it was very brief yet showcased the major selling points of the much-awaited gaming machine in our times. First off, the exclusive games once again made a short but epic appearance.

Sony Interactive Entertainment became a huge deal particularly last-gen, there was a great line-up of exclusive games from 1st-party studios that received immense success. The trend of great exclusive video games is loved by fans and has resulted in much better growth in sales for PS4 compared to the rival console Xbox One. And keep in mind that Xbox One is a stronger console among the two when we look at the specifications. This tells us that fans value a healthy supply of good-quality content more than the capacity of the machine.

PS5 Official Trailer Flaunts Next-Gen Capabilities Again4

PS5 Specs are least important

PS4 era is a great example of the above-mentioned statement. Sony has some of the best 1st –party studios under its pocket, producing games that are becoming timeless classics. Games like The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Marvel’s Spiderman, Bloodbourne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted Series (Particularly Uncharted 4) and a few other great titles are not just games, they are artistic experiences.

With stories that are so well-crafted that it feels like you have an active part in a big-budget Hollywood movie. Everyone, absolutely everyone deserves to experience these games at least once in their lifetime. And it is not just the great stories but the visual effects and art designs are a pure joy to look at.

For relatively outdated hardware, some of the most impressive games came out in recent years marking the end of the PS4 life-cycle. It goes on to show that developers are highly talented to optimize the games for an old console and Sony is not going to hold back at any excuse.

Given this history, fans are extremely hyped for what great adventures await in the next-generation of Sony PlayStation. Especially with the new promising hardware that is not as strong as the upcoming Xbox Series X but still a huge leap from PS4. This time around, Sony is no longer bound to deliver games under outdated hardwareand that makes us excited.

The trailer also emphasises on their new patented features that are supposedly the highlight of the overall experience PS5 has to offer. These key features are adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and 3D audio. Adaptive triggers are going to play a significant role in bringing you one step closer to how your character interacts with objects in the game.

PS5 Official Trailer Flaunts Next-Gen Capabilities Again1

The force required to press triggers will vary according to the object in question i.e. charging a bow will require more force than a quick tap of a gun. Haptic feedback is improved and highly sensitive to surfaces in the game environment, whether it is a concrete road or a sandy desert, you will know with your eyes closed.

Talking about acute awareness, Sony has also incorporated 3D audio technology that will pinpoint enemy locations so that you can make your aggressive or stealthy approach.

Lastly, we can’t close this article without mentioning the Super-Speed SSD that is majorly advertised by Sony. The new trailer also came with a blog post enlisting remarks for various developers who are working on the next-gen titles.  Mainly, creative heads at Insomniac Studios, From-software, and Cap-com expressed how delighted they are with the creative freedom and possibility of new approaches they can take with the development process.

The next-generation seems to have revolutionary performance capabilities for the game industry. This is not the most impressive statement for PC users but there is a reason for them to be excited too. Previously, many third party games were also bound because of the wide user base on consoles. But now as consoles get better hardware, that will no longer be a problem.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is behind in the race for new consoles hype because most games displayed in the preview event will be available on PC. Not to forget the reveal of Halo Infinite game play, it was not well received and the studio decided to push its release to a 2021 window.

With the exclusive launch title delayed, Microsoft doesn’t have many exciting exclusives as launch titles. Suffice to say that this has disappointed the fans and things look much better for PlayStation 5 right now.

The price and the release date is still not announced but a wide guess flying around the internet is that it will be $499 and $399 for PS5 digital edition.

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