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Pumpkin Picking on Long Island – Guide – Season – Farms List




It’s the right time to celebrate the Pumpkin Picking on Long Island Festival as everything is going in a festive mood one after the other. Let us start to enjoy the happiness colors are spreading and go for pumpkin picking Long Island. What did someone say Long Island, New York? Then let me mention something worthy about Long Island that it includes both U-pick off the vine and regular pumpkin picking farms Long Island.

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Both of them are wonderful pumpkin picking farms, verily it depends upon what kind of experience you had or you are going to have? What is the best time to go Pumpkin and Apple picking Long Island? If you have never been to pumpkin picking Long Islands, NY ever before then you should read the text below to make your experience better. Or if you have been to the Long Island Pumpkin festival before but the experience was just horrible, then this is definitely going to help you to easily get pumpkin vine off without getting hurt.

What is the best time to go for Pumpkin picking on Long Island?

The most appropriate time to go to Pumpkin picking patches Long island is between late September to late October. Since you know the weather of New York can grow crazy at any time, so it is preferred to check the pumpkin picking farms always before you step out. Moreover, it is important for you to have deep knowledge of several weather changes that usually occurs between late September and late October.

U-Pick Pumpkin Farm Long Island

As mentioned early that if you have never picked a pumpkin off the vine, then you know several facts before you go. When I had been for Pumpkin Picking on Long Island for adventure, I too haven’t done it before. Thus, committed so many mistakes and got a lot to learn too. Let me share my mistakes so that you may not get hurt I got.

  1. First of all, the most essential fact to keep in mind while going to the Long Island Pumpkin festival is that a pumpkin vine has little sharp prickles.
  • Tip: So I would like to give you a tip in regards to the picking process. Always take some type of gardening gloves along with you. And also take along some sheers to easily get your favorite pumpkins off the vine.
  1. Secondly, pumpkin and apple picking Long Island is a quite messy job. As pumpkin farms Long Island have them lined up in the field which is preselected and wiped down.
  • Tip: This recommends you to never wear your favorite outfit and shoes as all the stuff is likely to get dirty.
  1. A single pumpkin is much more heavier than that the size of an apple. Carrying your perfect pumpkin on your back way out to the car is not possible.
  • Tip: Thus, to be prepared to bring home the best pumpkin from farms Long Island is to take some sort of wagon or cart with you. Now, you can easily carry your pumpkins and gourds collection back way to your car.

List of Pumpkin Farms Long Island: 

After knowing all the necessary tips know you need to know the pumpkin farms Long Island. So, that you can plan your next Long Island Pumpkin Festival there. Here goes the list of all the Pumpkin Farms Long Island.

  • Water Drinker Farm, 663 Wading River Road Manorville, NY 11949: 

Water Drinker farm is the Most Beautiful Sunflower field on Long Island. This farm is considered on the top of the list of pumpkin picking farms Long Island. You can enjoy pumpkin picking, corn maze, hayrides, and lots more here. Moreover, the splendid beauty of the farms just adds more to your pumpkin and apple picking Long Island experience.

  • F&W Schmitt’s Family Farm, 26 Pinelawn Rd, Melville, NY 11747:

It is a huge pumpkin farm opened in 1950 and known as the best Pumpkin Farms Long Island. It is so huge that you can hundreds of Long Island pumpkins back to your home. Besides, pumpkin you can also pick hayrides, inflatable, corn maze, etc. It is verily an animal farm and haunted house for the Halloween spirit as well. Usually, their Long Island Pumpkin festival starts at end of September. You are suggested to arrive early so that you can avoid crowds as so many people visit due to its reasonable prices.

  • Lewin Farm for U-Pick Pumpkins festival, 812 Sound Avenue, Calverton, NY 11933:

Lewin Farm is a plenty large field where you can go for pumpkin and apple picking right off the vine. It is purely family-friendly, with pumpkin farms as the main attraction there is pumpkin and apple picking and a corn maze. Besides, if you plan to go to Lewin farms then don’t stop and have tons of fresh produce and amazing roasted corn.

  • Harbes Family Farm 715 Sound Ave Mattituck, NY 11952

If you want to go for a trip to East of Long Island pumpkin picking, then Harbes Family Farm is the most right place to move. Whereas they have outdoor and farm activities, keep going all around the year. They also offer apple picking at their Orchid depending upon the season. Always check Harbe’s Facebook Page to know whether you can book an event or weekend or it’s full with booking.

  • Crossroads Farm at Grossman’s, 480 Hempstead Ave Malverne, NY 11565:

If you want to go for pumpkin picking in Nassau County, Long Island, then definitely check the Crossroads Farm at Grossman’s! However, is the right pumpkin patch Long Island if you want to enjoy relaxed, pumpkin picking and leave to carve the pumpkin.

Thus, it covers all the best places to go pumpkin and apple picking Long Island. The most important thing to remember is to know the best time to visit pumpkin farms Long Island and check the social media of those farms whether they are offering pumpkin picking activities or not. So, plan today to make your next Long Island Pumpkin Festival a better experience than ever before.

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