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Queen Latifah’s Career – Suits best to which profession?




The lady Queen Latifah knows by this name in the world of the entertainment industry (stage name), but her original name is Dana Elien Owens, born in Newark, New Jersey, the United States on the date of March 18 in 1970. She started her early schooling in Irvington High School. She was recognized by her fans as a rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, voice actress, model, producer, host, and now a writer. Just have a look Queen Latifah’s career based on these professions.

As a singer and musician, she released her music albums namely, all hail the queen, Nature of a sista, traveling light, Black region, persona, and many more from the year of 1989 to 2009. Her first album ‘All hail the Queen’ placed a new trend of female-rapper. Then her next award-winning album ‘Black-region’ became a reason for her recognition, as she supports eliminating the aspect of disrespect, misogyny, and ferocity among females. She is considered the first female hip-hop star and the queen of jazz-rap as well. She owned her video store in the street of Varick, New Jersey city.

Now, let’s talk about her current project on-aired ‘The Equalizer’. Its first episode released last Sunday, 7th February 2021, has ground-breaking records just due to the performance of Queen Latifah as ‘Robyn McCall’ former CIA operative in the series. She is portrayed as a divorced-women and living a single life who entertains as an avenger for impartiality along with having her conflicts. It is an American crime-based television series, aired on CBS. It relates somehow to the storyline of 2014’s film and then the sequel of 2018. The present series is launched by executive producer Richard Lindhem in collaboration with Micheal Sloan and Queen Latifah itself, who is also performing a leading role in their drama.

‘Queen plays a hailing role throughout her career’

To analyze her recent performing role as ‘Robyn McCall’ in the series of ‘The Equalizer’, we are mentioning randomly some of the glimpse of Queen Latifah’s Career prior performances obtained from her previous thirty-years professional life.

Queen Latifah’s Career performances:

The lady is the hip-hop star, an expert in rapping but later on obeys the career guidelines of Smith and Ice-T, as becoming an actress. While her modification, her fans got astonished at how perfectly she suits in this professional field as well.

  • Heading towards her first step in the field of acting, she acts in a movie having her just a single clip. She performed the role of the waitress who has a severe attitude problem. The movie was released in the year of 1991, namely ‘Jungle Fever’. Though she performed just for a couple of minutes in the movie her presence makes everyone she is meant for performing on the film scripts.
  • Then she played acute roles in two other films namely, ‘juice’ and ‘House Party 2’ in the year 1992.
  • She also has been invited as a guest on the set of the program ‘The fresh prince of bel-air’ and ‘Hangin with Mr.Cooper’ in 2003.
  • She got fame by performing in the program ‘living single’. She also wrote lyrics of the theme music of this program.
  • In 1996, she performed in a drama ‘set it off’ in which her character was given the name of Cloe, and she along with her friends had to do a bank robbery.
  • She played a supporting role in 1998’s haunted movie ‘Living out loud’ and then in 1999 she performed the role of Thelma in another movie ‘the bone collector’.
  • From the year 1999 to 2001, she started her talk-show, which further renewed as a second season after the gap of three years in 2004.
  • In 2002 at Chicago, she was nominated for the academic award of best picture and got the title later on.
  • Her main leading role in the movie ‘Bringing down the house’ hit her in the box-office in the year 2003.
  • In 2006, she performed in a romance and comedy-based drama ‘Last holiday, which made her famous among her fans. The acting she did in this drama was mostly liked and appreciated by everyone, on or outside the shooting set. The picture is equally distributed in parts having tragedy, inspiration, and hysterical.
  • In the same year, she performed in another drama ‘Stranger than Fiction’.
  • In 2007 she gave the award-winning performance for acting in the movie ‘Life Support’ in which she was portrayed as having HIV positive. Her role in this act leads her towards the uplifting of her success and she won the award of Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild.
  • At this stage, she is been able to produce the film ‘The Perfect Holiday’.
  • In the year 2008, she was viewed on the screen by the audience in the comedian-crime drama ‘Mad Money’.
  • Then in the next year, she performed on the stage and sing the song ‘I will be seeing you’. On this same day, she was also seen as a presenter and presenting the award for honoring film features to others on the stage.
  • In the year 2010, she performed as a host on the stage of BET award event and ‘people’s choice award.
  • In 2013 she started her premier talk-show ‘The Queen Latifah show’.
  • In 2014 she received an Emmy nomination for her performance, performing in the HBO film ‘Bassie’ as a lead role. She delivered a message to the public by her performance that how to be respected by others, how you become able to fight for other women, and so on.

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  • In the year 2017, she worked as an executive producer for the series ‘Scream’.
  • After two years, in 2019, she was portrayed as a sea witch in the serial ‘The Little Mermaid Live’ and be awarded the title of ‘best moment of the evening’.
  • And now in the present year 2021, she starred in a lead role in the detective series ‘The Equalizer’. Her name in this program is ‘Robyn’ and she gave a challenging performance to others.
  • She launched a cosmetics brand ‘CoverGirl Queen Collection’ for the ladies having each type of complexion.
  • She also launched a scent brand ‘Queen of Hearts’.
  • Now she carried the line of writings as she wrote a book on the aspect of confidence and self-respect tilted ‘Ladies First: Revelations of a Strong Women’.

The article describes her career role in every profession now it’s our own opinion to decide and comment ‘Queen Latifah’ career suits to which profession best.

Queen Latifah’s Career - Suits best to which profession?
The lady Queen Latifah knows by this name in the world of the entertainment industry (stage name), but her original name is Dana Elien Owens
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