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Rebels Wilson’s Weight – Loss Journey




Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, a renowned Australian actress, producer, writer a comedian made a shocking confession on her Instagram video. In her hour-long video, she told the world what goals she had for this year.

Rebels year of health

Rebels Wilson said that this year 2020 has been unsettling to some people and might be good for other based on their experiences. She told that she has been naming her years according to her goals. Rebel had had year of fun, year of love. She named 2020 as year of health because she wanted to lose weight. She revealed that turning 40 this year was part of the reason she wanted to become healthier.


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Weight-loss experience

While describing her weight loss experience, she mentioned ‘almost died’. It was difficult for her to follow a strict diet. She also revealed that she has been over weight since high school, she says that for 20 years she has been a ‘bigger person’. She grew extremely emotion and held her tears back while explaining her weight loss journey and what she had t go through to achieve her goal. Rebels Wilson explained her near death experience that when she came out of the hospital after recovering malaria she was at her skinniest. Everyone was shocked at her transition and asked ‘what did you do?’ I almost died…’


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Reached her goal a month earlier

In her sentimental video, she also said that she never treated her body with love and care it deserved before. Rebel also revealed that she now weighs less then 75kg and it was more then 100 at the start of the journey. Rebels Wilson was extremely happy at here transition and shared a photo of her scale measuring 74.6. She also added that it is not about the number but a ‘tangible measurement’ to stay motivated. Rebel reached her weight goal a month earlier

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