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Red Rock Canyon State Park Adventurous Trip




This park is situated in the US, state of California in Kern county and opened officially in 1968 for the public. It is spread within the area measured 27000 acres (110km2), nearby the Mojave range of the district ‘Tehachapi’. It is known for its charming desert cliffs, buttes, and remarkable rock genesis. The Red Rock Canyon State Park is an eye-catch public site due to its exclusive tributary having glowing colors, as in wet winters blooming flowery features became a fascinating moment to view.

Red Rock State Park historical background:

The place where the park is spotted right now was the residential locale of Kawaiisu inhabitants. They performed their ancestor’s rituals on the mountains of Red Rock canyon and trade with their neighboring communities.

  • In 2005, a music album released by Destiny’s Child named’ Cater 2 U’ was picturized in the hills of Red Rock Canyon.
  • In the next year, within the same park, the song ‘Knights of Cydonia’ for the video of the British rock band ‘Muse’ was filmed.

Red Rock Canyon State Park trip features:

  • The fun activities you can find in this park includes rock climbing, camping, picnic point, mountaineering, backcountry skiing and riding, ice climbing, hiking, and options to be secluded.
  • The park’s wildlife sector kept roadrunners, hawks, lizards, mice, and squirrels in specific areas.
  • It is significant concerning as pristine desert landscape having two genetic sanctuaries.
  • Horses for riding is allowed all over within the park. But only in the seasonally closed area, you are not allowed to ride there.
  • You can enjoy the picnic gathering over here from sunrise to sunset. For this purpose, management of the park plotted round tables and seating for the visitors. You only have to pay $6 per vehicle.

Red Rock Canyon State Park location:

  • If you want to approach the exact location, then follow the park 120 miles north of Los Angeles, nearby regional 5 and 14th highway.


Red Rock Canyon State Park parking spot:

  • Vehicles can be parked in the area range of rock-lined, alongside camping site.
  • All the transports (street running or OHV tagging green stickers) traveled on the rough paths in the park.
  • All the riders or drivers of the transport holder, who entered once in the park, must be licensed.
  • The routes which are closed these days, don’t lead towards them. Do follow the open routes. Try to avoid making new paths for your travel comfort.
  • Regulations on drinking and driving applied for both paths (paved or rough ones).

Red Rock Canyon State Park sky view:

  • The park’s day time weather having cloudless sky with low pollution surface supports nigh time seeing circumstances.
  • On the night with no moon appearance, viewers having strong and deep eyesight can see both the galaxies of Andromeda and Triangulum.

Red Rock Canyon jeep adventurous ride:

For public entertainment, the Red Rock Canyon State Park launched an open air 4×4 jeeps to lead the adventurous route of Dry Creek Basin. Within route, you will glad to see Lizard Head, and Balancing Rock, having various sorts of plantations. In between route you found unique twist and turns that makes your ride more rocking. This marks the Sedona as a landscape. Not only this, here at the spot of the old Van Deren Cabin, the western movie ‘Blood on the Moon and Riders of the Purple Sage’ shooting was performed. You will surely find the place for making your pictures memorable, exploring different colors of life in it. So, don’t get late to become a part of a fun riding trip.

Red Rock Canyon State Park camping site:

For the camping purpose ‘Ricardo Campground’ is plotted, nearby the base of dramatic desert cliffs.

  • It is comprised of fifty rude campsites, potable water, quarry restrooms, fire rings, and tables-seatings.
  • You can use your firewood or either buy it from the visitor centers.
  • No group sites are allowed to create. So, almost only eight people are allowed to stay per site.
  • No hook-ups or showers are present at the camping site.
  • No reservations are allowed here, so who comes first will get the space for camping first. The camping area is full of gatherings on holiday weekends, and in the spring and fall season. Hence, to move there on Thursday evening or Friday morning will be a better option for you.

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Charges for camping site:

Registration must be done before getting space for camping. For one night you have to pay 25 US dollars or 23 US dollars with seniors above sixty-two years old or even older.

  • Within the area of camping, no livestock or horses are allowed to roam around.
  • The preferable time for camping is from 10 pm to 6 am.

Red Rock Canyon State Park Hiking traits:

The park is full of desert soil and meant significant for hiking on the mountains with rough rock paths.

  • Keep the bottle of water with you and try to drink it while hiking.
  • Covered yourself with heavy clothing as the weather changes suddenly.

red-rock-canyon-state red-rock-canyon-state-location red-rock-canyon-state.

Red Rock original hotel:

This is the hotel situated in the mountains of red rocks. It is comprised of 6380 guest rooms, gym, private dining room, guests dining-hall, Casino resort, Spa, complimentary parking space, vehicle repair station, electric car charging station, ballroom, water filter station, beer garden, and Nomad Taqueria. This hotel is most preferable by the visitors to stay here due to its lavish-comfortable services.

Red Rock Canyon State Park nearby hotels:

Now, enlisting some other best-providing services to their visitors by the hotel management, located near Red Rock Canyon State Park and these are:

  • Best Western China Lake Inn
  • Best Western California City Inn & Suites
  • Best Western Desert Winds
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Ridgecrest
  • Mojave Desert Inn
  • Econo Lodge Inn & Suites
  • Roadway Inn & Suites Heritage


The city of California is recognized for its colorful rocks and mountainous hills. To enhance nature’s beauty more the government creates recreational sites for the public that’s mostly having state parks. From such public sites, one of the eye-catching glances is present in the Red Rock Canyon State Park within Kern county.

Red Rock Canyon State Park Adventurous Trip
Red Rock Canyon State Park Adventurous Trip
The Red Rock Canyon State Park is an eye-catch public site due to its exclusive tributary having glowing colors, as in wet winters blooming flowery features became a fascinating moment to view. 
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