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Remake of Jennifer Grey Dirty Dancing Movie Has Just Gone Viral!



Jennifer grey is an American actress and she is all set to get star in her famous film Dirty Dancer remake and this has just gone viral! Jennifer Grey’s iconic role in dirty dancing was kicking start of her career success. Dirty dancing was a romantic film about a girl dancer who falls in love with her dance instructor. This film got fame for its story and soundtracks that sold out millions of copies. It got millions of profits at the box office and won an Oscar for its original song. She was also nominated as the best actor category at Golden Globe awards.

After almost 33 years of Dirty Dancing, it has been decided to remake the film. This secret was revealed by Jon Feltheimer. The actress will be seen playing the same role she played in 1987 ‘baby’. Fans are expecting the same fun and romance in the sequel.

But what’s happening with Jenifer after huge success, how did the idea come to make a remake, and what happened before the announcement of the remake? The success was so huge and due to Jenifer changed appearance; it could be her iconic time to come back as once she was a part of the successful project.

Unfortunately, after the reveal of making a remake, Jennifer grey’s husband filed a divorce. Which led to controversy but the two-handled it smartly.

She had done a few supporting rules in her careers like the cotton club and red dawn.

Her Divorce

Jenifer Grey was married to Clark Gregg for almost two decades but unfortunately, the couple announced their split on social media shattering their millions of fans. It was recently when they both decided to part ways. It wasn’t controversial at all, they were very open about it and after the social media announcement, both stars officially filed for a divorce

There were no harsh words exchanged, a simple divorce procedure and they said goodbye to each other posting a sweet note on Instagram and wishing for her future. Cherishing their memories. They started dating in 2000 and soon got married. Grey gave birth to her beautiful daughter Stella.

Her Changed Appearance Due to Nose Job

After getting recognized by her famous film Jennifer could have had the remarkable career of her lifetime. But her surgeries ruined it for her. She had two nose surgeries that completely changed her into another person. She was herself sure about the change that it has turned her fans not to recognize her anymore. She came out as another person.

It was in news after her success that she was dating Mathew Broderick. The affair revealed after when they two got into a huge car accident. She got a heavy shock and so decided to give up her career. This was the reason she quitted the industry for some time. Her nose job might be the same reason for getting severe injuries from that accident.

But this didn’t stop the fearless actress as she participated in the show Dancing with stars and won it. However, she was mocked for her changed appearance and dirty dancing was usually of discussion but the actress never took it on the heart instead she had said few statements about her change making it completely funny and positive for her.

Friends Appearance

Who doesn’t know about friends? The famous comedy series of the 1990s that has still millions of fans in 2020. One can never get bored of it. Many celebrities have appeared as guest stars in the series in different seasons. Grey’s was although a part of the series as a Rachel’s cousin. Who later got married to Rachel’s fiancé “berry”. Her appearance was when she comes to tell Rachel about getting married to berry. But next season she was replaced by another actress.

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