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RUN Hulu Movie is the BEST Latest Thriller




RUN Hulu, directed by Aneesh Chaganty, the man behind the excellent film ‘Searching.’ If you haven’t watched it, you definitely should! It is a damn good movie. RUN premiered this weekend on Hulu; it was originally going to come out back on Mother’s Day. It had this entire campaign surrounding the creepy and weird mother in this movie. Unfortunately, it all had to be scrapped due to the pandemic. But now, we are getting a chance to see it. This film portrays the tale of a young girl who begins to suspect that her carrying mother might be harboring a dark secret. She starts to notice some concerning irregularities with the way her mom acts. She doesn’t want her to be on the internet at night; she doesn’t want her to make too many phone calls unless she is in the room.

Run Story Climax Starts

There is something wrong with the medicines she is taking that starts to weird her out. Pretty soon, things start getting really messed up. I had a great time with RUN Hulu. When I think of a thriller, this is the type of story I think of. It is barebones; it is straightforward; it is a young girl in a wheelchair who realizes that she is trapped emotionally and physically.

Now how is she going to get out of that situation, and we get to watch that play out over the duration of 90 minutes, incredibly tense 90 minutes. These 90 minutes are edited so well and shot so well that I had a smile on my face throughout most scenes.

If you have watched ‘Searcing,’ you know that Chaganti has a great eye for detail; it was a very unconventional film. On the other hand, this film is shot very traditionally and classically, which makes it feel very much like a Hitchcock movie that has aspects that reminded me of ‘Misery.’ The fact that they cast Kiera Allen in the film adds authenticity to the performance that wouldn’t have been there if it was performed by an actor who doesn’t know what it likes to be physically disabled.

Kiera Allen Thriller Crawling Performance

Kiera Allen does, and so she brings a lot to her performance when she is crawling throw hallways; it feels painful because you know she is struggling for real. She has given one of my favourite performances of 2020 with her really good acting in this movie, and I will love to see her in more projects.

Then there is Sarah Paulson who loves playing horrible people, but she is really good at it! Like all great talents, she has a way of making scripted dialogue feel unscripted. The last time I watched her film that attempted to be a straight thriller and nothing else was ‘Unhinged’ with Russell Crow. But that movie felt disposable compared to this one. This film is skilfully made and extremely well-acted from top to bottom.

The simplicity only helps boost the suspense. There are sequences throughout the movie where I was really on edge. It also obviously has some movie logic where there are some things that happened that probably wouldn’t happen in real life. But they did in order for the movie to play out the way they wanted it to play out. There are newspaper articles and imperative information that the majority of people would not keep in their house, but they happen to be in this house.

Story Says Everything to the Audience

These things are necessary when you are trying to tell a story that has virtually no exposition. When you are trying to deliver a story where no one really learns anything by being told, and you have to visually explain everything to the audience, it is very difficult. There were parts of the story where there was heavy back-story in the form of newspaper clippings and broadcasts.

You may also think about the credibility of some situations in retrospect, but they didn’t bother me while I was watching the Hulu Original because it was made so skilfully. RUN Hulu has become my favourite thriller in recent memory, and I would highly recommend you all to check it out. It is streaming on Hulu right now! For more movies and TV shows on other streaming services like Netflix, please check out this link.

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