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Doubts and questions that may arise about the comfort and living possibilities of travelling with a >autohome are legitimate and justified. Now we will try together to understand the mythology and reality of current opinions.


So, let’s consider the prosaic side of travelling in an RV – the amount of water, gas, how much they suffice, how to fill up, where to put “> wastewater (drain from the kitchen, washbasin and shower) and how to “>change the toilet cassette. And also the electricity supply. You can buy brand new RV’s from RV sales Memphis.


Let’s speak at once – in  Memphis, and not only, there have long or recently existed special “>places for refuelling and “>changing the resources of RVs, including in addition to the campsites. Even in Belarus, in tourist areas, this “>is already provided. These are not myths.


If you come to any of these countries, there will be no problems with refuelling water, drainage and cassette drainage – “>equipped sites, which are available by navigation, allow you to do everything you need, and are often completely free of charge. Auto camps, where you decide to stay (in different countries, the cost of a day of parking ranges from 5 to 30 euros), too, “>solve all these problems within a daily cost of parking, including in the USA. Optimally equipped campsites are equipped with showers, toilets and laundry facilities, drinking water and sewage. This helps you conserve RV resources, which is also nice and not unimportant.


Both on-site and in the campsite you can stock up on clean water (with a few spare containers you can refill and store in the luggage compartments – they’re roomy enough), drain the drains and cassette and replace its contents (rinse it, add chemicals and clean water as directed). At the campsite, you’ll be able to charge the batteries and you’ll have electricity.


If you find yourself in more severe conditions, when the sites are not expected, you do not need camping, and you want to rest in the wild, you should know that 100 litres of clean water at a very reasonable use for 2-3 people – it’s 2-3 days. So – stock up on water in advance, the luggage compartment of the motor home is roomy enough to take a few canisters of clean water (it can be poured into the receiver with an ordinary garden watering canister).


Don’t get water in wild bodies of water. Even the iciest and crystal waterfalls and streams have microscopic algae living in the water, which, once in the comfortable breeding temperature of the RV, will proliferate and clog the pump. This is sure to cause it to break and you’ll be left without water. Water pumps in RVs come in two types – submersible, with a microswitch on the faucet and a water level gauge, and pump pumps that constantly maintain pressure in the water supply.


If you plan to stand for a long time, the battery charge may not be enough. So hook up a “>generator, which also fits nicely “>in the luggage compartment.


Runoff of such water contains detergents, so it is better not to pour it under plants and not into clean water bodies. You also need to understand that in the USA you can get a serious fine for draining the drain in the wrong places.


For the toilet, the cassette is better to choose such chemistry, which in fact is not chemistry at all, but an army of bacteria that break down the waste to the status of fertilizer. And in this case, you won’t cause any harm to the ecosystem. But standard chemicals for the toilet cassette are harmful to the environment, and you can pour them out in strictly designated areas.


You will have enough electricity for reasonable consumption as your RV has a rechargeable battery (charging from 220 V is possible at campsites and special charging points for RVs, from a generator or a car engine).


If you plan to periodically or often put the motor home for long periods of parking in an equipped place or in the yard of a private house or cottage, it makes sense to order in advance at the factory connectors “> for mains water connection.


Adding solar panels and a generator in reserve, you will also not be inconvenienced. Think it through ahead of time, weigh and assess your desires, parking times, and you’ll be armed with everything you need. To add to the comfort and duration of use of all the systems of your RV, you can buy additional equipment.


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