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Samsung Chairman: Lee Kun-hee Made His Last Breathe




It’s quite hard to say the one of the richest and country’s influencing businessman Lee Kun-hee is no more. Mr. Lee was suffering hardships since the 1990s of lung cancer, then in 2014 a major heart attack. It is very clear that Samsung will soon declare succession plans for the opaque three-generation which it has operated. Lee’s son was already running the company after his cardiologic take-over. He got the power of Samsung Chairman in the late 1980s from his father the founder of company Lee Byung-Chul. The situation of “Life or death” was so cleverly managed. He advised his executive in the way “Change everything except your wife and children”. They were these executives that made jail sentences suspended twice by the court. Lee Kun-hee had gone through several personal life hardships such as one of his daughters, Yoon-Hyung died by suicide in 2005.

All these facts of his life make it exciting to read how did he make the impossible into the possible. So, to get all authentic information about him keep reading. And know his great achievements and contributions.

Samsung Chairman- Personal Life: 

Despite being sentenced to so many corruption convictions, Lee Kun-hee the late chairman of Samsung made small television makers into a global giant of consumer electronics. He was bone on 9 January 1942 as the third son to a South Korean businessman the founder of Samsung Groups, Lee Byung-Chul. He owns the credit to give the Samsung Group a big turn-over into the world’s largest manufacturer of electronics such as smartphones, televisions, and memory chips. In the year 1996 and 2008, he was convicted twice respectively. However, got pardoned in both cases of corruption and tax evasion. Lee stands at the position of 35th at the world most powerful and first in his nation along with the name of his son Lee Jae-Yong to include.

Talking about the educational life, Lee acquires his degree in economics from a private university in Japan, Waseda University. Whereas, preceding ahead he started his masters in business at Washington University in Washington DC. However, he did not complete this degree.

His father started the giant project for $25 as his first step. Whereas, Lee was the one who made Samsung’s revenue equal to 17% of South Korea’s GDP in 2012. He had only one son Lee Jae-Yong and three daughters Im Dong-Hyun, Kim Ji-soo, and Lim Dong-Hyun. From them, his daughter Lee Yoon-Hyung committed suicide in 2006. Due to charges of taxes he apologized and resigned from his stand-in 2008. It was that time when Samsung was the largest cellphone producer in the US. Mr. Lee was pardoned for all his charges personally by the president of South Korea. He took back his position in 2011. Then it was the Samsung Galaxy S3 that put rival of Apple into danger.

Samsung Chairman Son – Lee Jae-Yong: 

After Lee Kun-hee’s heart attack in 2014, his only son Lee Jae-young was dominant to continue his father’s philosophy of “change everything except your wife and children”. He has studied management in Japan and the US. However, he has the name Samsung Electronics’ President. He is famous for getting referred to as the ‘Crown Prince of Samsung’. In June 2020, his net worth estimated to US$6.7 billion. Thus, this makes him the fourth richest person in South Korea.

Moreover, he has one daughter and one son from his ex-wife, Lim Se-ryung. He divorced her in 2009. However, he was too accused of convictions. And then pardoned in the procedure.

Samsung Chairman Daughters: 

Lee Kun-hee’s oldest daughter Lee Boo-jin has been known as ‘ LittleKun-hee’. She is the president of Hotel Shilla and co-president of Samsung Everland also aka Cheil Industries. She is so capable that she has made duty-free stores in Korea. One of her successful projects is Louis Vuitton to open its first airport store in 2011. As per the estimation of September 2020, her net worth was US$ 1.6 billion.

The youngest daughter, Lee Seo-hyun is heading Samsung’s Fashion and advertising departments. Very much similar to her siblings, she is climbing the ladder of Samsung Management. Being younger her net worth is US$ 1.5 billion.

Furthermore, Lee Kun-hee’s one daughter Lee Yoon-Hyung died at the age of 26 by committing suicide in New York City in 2006.

Samsung Chairman-Lee Kun-hee’s net worth: 

Lee Kun-hee was considered the richest person in South Korea. Forbes estimated his net worth of $20 billion. It is the wealth that he felt for his children behind.

Lee Kun-hee’s journey as Samsung Chairman CEO:

The Samsung group was own by the ancestors of Lee Kun-hee. So, it no doubts that the family dominates the country’s economy. Therefore, chaebols were the ones who made South Korea’s economic stand after World War II. However, being accused of criminal offenses, Mr. Lee was sentenced to stay behind the bar for three and then pardoned by the president of his nation. Then he went on to lead the successful bid to host the Winter Olympics of 2018. Then in 2014, he was drawn to bed by a heart attack. On his charge, his son severed to stay in jail time. Thus, after the comeback of his son the charge and the hold of supremacy on Samsung Groups were his.

He has been reputed so much for the success of Samsung and gained fame. As he presented the “New Management” declaration. He asked his worker to focus on quality more than quantity. And even Lee Kun-hee ordered so many mobile phones worth millions of dollars burned in front of employees. This was for making it clear to employees that this would happen when a defected piece is found. Moreover, he made a statement to his employees

“Change everything except your wife and children”

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